Sunday, June 27, 2010

A good question

The weather in the Netherlands is fabulous.
Warm and sunny.
And the Dutch are in a good mood: their national team is doing very well at the World championship of soccer in South Africa.
So far.

Therefore, every restaurant has put tables and chairs in front on the pavement for people to eat and drink in fresh air.
And they see the decorations many have put on their houses, their cars and bikes, to support the national soccer team.
Orange flags, orange banners, orange mascots.

An appointment was made with a friend and because of the happy mood and the good weather the meeting was to take place on the terrace of a bagel shop famous for its excellent caffé latté.

The friend was delayed but who cares when the sun is shining and the coffee tastes good?

But then suddenly a guy passed by who saw the pioneering photographer sitting there comfortably and content.
He stopped and said: "Excuse me, but are you Michel?".
How to deny?
The friendly person turned out to be a fervent and loyal blog reader.
And recognized his daily servant of words from the portrait picture that can be seen on the blog.

Of course the fervent and loyal blog reader was invited to sit down and was generously offered a drink.
Who expressed how amused and entertained he was by reading the blog daily .

Except for yesterday.
When a rather strange image was published and nothing else.
A woman could be seen and she didn't look very much alive.
To the contrary: attentive fervent and loyal blog readers noticed that a cable was around her neck having ended her possibility of breathing making her leave unfortunately this existence.
She might have been a bitch or she might have made hell of the life of her guy but it goes really too far to strangle a blonde, correct?

What was that image about, the friendly blog reader asked.
What was the idea of publishing such a horrific picture?

And, in spite of the sunshine and the good mood and the national soccer team doing well, there was no answer that could be found.
There were no reasons that could be given for shocking the readers so badly.

Only one answer could be given.
A rather silly one.

Don't know.