Saturday, June 5, 2010

Human warmth

What I need, the Queen of Dreams said this morning, is human warmth.
And she moved herself against the other body and in a most close embrace enjoyed all the warmth she longed for.

Human warmth?
Yes, the one that is different from the warmth one can feel when taking a sunbath.
Which is also an exquisite sensation: to feel the sun warming the naked skin.
There are people who spend hours laying in the sun to feel this warmth.
Enjoying how the body absorbs it to make the muscles and the bones feel young again.
Flexible and painless.

Human warmth?
The one that is different from the warmth of a heater.
From an electric heater or a gas heater.
Or from a wood stove or the radiator of a central heating system.
To put the body close to it and feel the warmth radiating while outside it is snowing and the wind blows the animals into their hideouts.
To feel the warmth on one side of the body and the cold on the other side.
To put the hands to the fire and feel the energy from wood logs that have been growing for years donating now the warmth one craves for.

Human warmth?
The one that is different from the warmth that feels when one takes a bath.
In a bathtub or in the warm sea.
When the water is maybe 25º C (77º F).
To enter the bathtub and immediately feel this ultimate comfort of the perfect harmony between the temperature of the body and the one of the water.
Or to dive into the warm sea and immediately feel a unification with the water because of its wonderful temperature.
In the steaming bathtub or the tropical sea, one can feel like being surrounded by warmth as during the time when a child in the womb of the mother.

But all these situations with warmth, in the sun, near the fire and in the sea, do not compare to the warmth the Queen of Dreams found this morning.
Because human warmth is more than just temperature.
It comes with love.


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