Monday, June 7, 2010

A nice fitting shirt

Of course it was remembered that in a city there are cars, houses and people.
And that this concentration of humanity results in a certain hecticity.
Life moving faster and more furious than that of a monk in a monastery or a fool on the hill.
Or a pioneering photographer at a desolated location along the Mexican Pacific coast.

Hence, all this that was found in the city was no surprise and easily adjustments were made to be able to deal properly with the drastically changed circumstances.
In the end, 34 days had been passed in reclusion and retreat.
Accompanied by the Queen of Dreams, it were the pelicans frequently flying by and the ocean rolling non stop its waves on the beach and not much else there compared to a city that was the situation of the space called El Triple.
Peace and harmony.
Close to nature.
The sun rising and the moon shining.
The wind blowing and the water flowing.

But knowing the city so well from former visits and stays, it was like simply putting on a new shirt.
In the morning the beach, in the afternoon the boulevard.
No problema.

But there were two interesting surprises the city offered.
Related to sound!

The first evening in town was a lovely dinner with dear friends Alonso and his beautiful lady Irma in a fabulous restaurant called "El Zarape".
Where they serve traditional Mexican food in an amazing interior that is related to different states of Mexico.
They also have a large room in this restaurant dedicated to Frida Kahlo with her paintings on the walls.

Once back in the camper and in the comfortable bed, sleep did not come immediately.
And it was almost a shock when, still wide awake, it was realized something important was missing.
Something that had been heard for over 34 days.
The permanent sound of the ocean.
The waves crashing on the beach and the rocks near the location where the Fuso Szulc was located.
A sound that is often strong and always there.
It is not realized all the time when near the ocean that this sound is in the ears.
But it can be so loud that it wakes up a person at night.
And often it is realized that this permanent sound of the waves crashing can be lightly disturbing.
It creates a certain unrest.
A light turmoil in the head.
But last night in the city of La Paz there was no sound of the ocean anymore.
There was an ultimate peace.
No sounds whatsoever.
Not even of cars.
It was like a beautiful gift to enjoy deeply.
Finally free of the permeating pestering of the ocean.

And then this morning.
Although the evening had ended close to midnight, awaking was as usual just before the sun to rise.
And a second huge surprise was heard.
Birds singing.
With joy, bliss and virtuosity making the one listening happy also.
At El Triple are hardly any birds that sing in the morning.
No serenades to greet the day and mark the territory or seduce the female.
And this is a sad aspect of El Triple: when no birds sing, nature is not very much alive.
Therefore this morning getting out of bed was postponed to gratefully listen to the singing of the birds.
Amazing tunes and all in perfect harmony without any dissonant.
More melodious than Mozart without any false notes.
What a joy to listen to birds.
How happy that makes.

Gee, this shirt fits nice!


For more information about the restaurant "El Zarape", click on:


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