Saturday, June 26, 2010

Where are we?

A very early saturday morning.
After a hectic and most intensive week.
The sun shines already brightly on the very green leaves of the tree in front of the wide open window.
Not only is the Queen of Dreams away to one of her engagements, no serious appointments are scheduled for today besides a lunch with a long time friend.

The day therefore is faced as one with nothing to do.
Available basically to relax and to recuperate from the many experiences of the last seven days.

But to do nothing is something that is not known how to do.
How to do nothing?
Like stay in bed and sleep and doze?
Or sit in a chair and watch from the window an occasional bird pass by?
That will be extremely boring.
And consequently irritating.
Resulting possibly in serious existential questions.

Because, what sense does it make to doze for hours in bed on a beautiful day like this?
How enriching is it to sit like a Madam Tussaud's wax figure in a chair breathing only?

The mental constitution, whether it is good or bad, whether it is wise or stupid, is to always undertake something.
To always want to make the best and most productive and most exciting and most creative of every moment life is allowed to live.

The thought is always: "I rest when death has come".
Until then, it is full speed ahead and build the castle to reach the sky.

Therefore this morning many activities were already performed.
And the mind is frantically working to come up with more actions to take.

One may say though: "This is not very zen, my friend".
The guru like lecturer may say:
If you cannot be peaceful,
if you cannot be totally relaxed,
and watch inactively the moments pass by,
instead of surfing them all the time,
you are not zen,
you are a racing car reaching the end without knowing where you have been.

Damned, now there is confusion.


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