Tuesday, November 20, 2007

No explanations needed.

In the original concept description of the Fuso Szulc the camper box was to be mounted to the chassis with a pivotal system in the back and on rubber blocks in the front.

This idea was found on the expedition vehicles from Europe.
But somehow, at Santek Trailers in Riverside, California, USA, where the Fuso Szulc was built, the request for rubber blocks was not followed up.

First the camper box was attached in the front with small bolts to the side of the chassis.
This resulted in a disaster because obviously the bolts eventually broke off and this happened while travelling in Mexico.
Next, Santek Trailers welded a camper box-wide steel bar underneath.
This bar rested on the chassis and was kept in place by 4 U-bolts.

Because the camper box slightly moves in the front with great force, there was friction between the steel bar and the chassis.
This could be heard.
Strong sounds like the front axle was breaking off.

It took some time to discover that this was the problem responsible for the strong sounds.
Eventually, again in Mexico, a mechanic in La Paz lifted up the front part of the camper box and did put pieces of tire in between the bar and the chassis.
This was effective.

Recently it was noticed that the pieces of tire were not staying in place.
The camper box moved so much that the pieces were slipping out.

Hence, time to return to the original idea of having rubber blocks.
To have the movements of the front of the camper box absorbed in the rubber.
The idea was to find those rubber blocks here in La Paz and have a mechanic put them in place.

It had been seen that these rubber blocks are used on the bumpers of trailers.
Therefore, yesterday, visits were made to car wreck parks to try to find an old truck or trailer still having the rubber blocks.
In La Paz there are many places with huge amounts of car wrecks.
Imported new car parts are too expensive.
However, rubber blocks could not be found.

Being close to a nice coffee shop strangely enough far out of town, it was decided to have a latte with a white chocolate chip cookie.
While enjoying the coffee suddenly somebody came in.
It was Xavier!
Fervent and loyal blog readers will remember how Xavier was met after more than 10 years.
He used to live on Rancho La Ballena close to El Triple.
When they were spray painting the Fuso Szulc in La Paz some months ago, he saw this photographer and remembered after 10 years who he was.

This time he had seen the Fuso Szulc parked in front of the coffee shop and came in to say hello.
When it was explained to Xavier that the hunt was on for rubber blocks and why they were needed, he immediately mentioned his uncle who is a mechanic fixing large trucks and having his workshop not far from the coffee shop.
He gave him a call and before we knew we were at Uncle Enrique’s place.
Enrique had a careful look at the situation of the Fuso Szulc and eventually it was decided he could fix it.
He knew where to buy rubber blocks in La Paz.
New ones.
And on Wednesday he will put them on.

This is an example how sometimes things happen in a rather magical way.
How life seems to take care to find a solution for a problem.

The same day another magical thing happened.
Sitting in a travel agency an older couple came in.
While waiting we came to chat.
It turned out that the gentleman was Polish.
And from the same town as the father of this photographer.
We were talking so much that customers coming in after us were told to go and be helped by the staff of the travel agency as we were too deep into conversation.
Too much nostalgia to share.

Now reflections are made how this magic happens.
But every thought about it is pure speculation.
So, the final reflection is to simply experience the magic, to be thankful for it and not to look for an explanation.


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