Friday, November 2, 2007

Are you lonely maybe?

Recently, in a conversation with a dear friend, the issue came up of being alone and of loneliness.
She was worried about her photographer-friend spending months in retreat by himself all alone.
Something she claims she herself could never do.

Many fervent and loyal blog readers may already have found out in life that there is a major difference between being alone and being lonely.
Being alone occurs if one is not surrounded by other people.
Loneliness occurs when someone actually is with people.

The dear friend described that when she was married and had children all the people around her had an impression she had a happy life.
The reality though was that she felt very lonely.

“I felt being the loneliest person on the planet even though to the outside it seemed all fine .........”.

This made her decide to finish the marriage and as of then she is alone and a happy woman.

“The moment I decided to live alone(!) I became the happiest person, so happy to share with the rest of the world !”

When spending weeks and weeks all alone at El Triple in retreat, never loneliness is felt.
But when for example in Paris, France for a week, often loneliness is felt very strongly.

To be alone results in being at peace with existence and the river of life gets a chance to flow as it wants and as is the best for the person.
The boat flows gently and effortlessly along with the stream of the water.
“Alone” becomes “all one”.

To be lonely results in behaviour trying to stop that feeling.
This means that the actions in life are to compensate something that is experienced as negative.
This is not being at peace nor have the river flow freely.
It is trying to stop the boat from sinking in the river.

The dear friend made a drastic decision to divorce.
It had far reaching consequences but she managed to deal with all of them in an impressing way.

It takes an effort to stop being lonely in life.
To make decisions and a change.
But it is part of going with the flow of the river.
If a person understands this, it is more likely the person is able to let go and trust life.
The decision becomes a logic, unavoidable and harmonious step.

Living and working as a nomad, the issues of aloneness and loneliness frequently pop up.
And not always immediately the conviction and the wisdom neutralise the thinking about this subject.
Sometimes sentiments, feelings and impulsions can create even panic.
Make the boat on the river rock right and left as if a storm is trying to turn it over.

In those situations guidance and inspiration is received from Osho.
By listening to his words.
But most importantly, by going into his field of energy, absorb what is needed, to continue the harmonious floating in the river.


To learn what Osho has to say to you about loneliness and being alone, click on:


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