Sunday, December 30, 2007

Dying for nothing.

This posting is in memory of Talia Klein.
A 13-year-old American girl who died in a plane crash in Panama last Tuesday.

The father of Talia Klein was killed also.
Michael Klein was 37 years old.

In 2001, at the age of 31, he became chief executive of the company Pacificor.
A hedge fund company that doesn’t make public their results.
And where the minimum investment is 1.000.000 $.

Although a young man, Michael Klein was responsible for Pacificor’s investment strategy and operations.
He ran the company’s 600 million $ portfolio.

This job made him wealthy.
He bought a resort in Panama.

With his daughter he was on vacation there when he decided to circle the flanks of the Baru volcano in Panama.
The pilot of the Cessna 172 was 23-year-old Edwin Lasso who also died.

This is such a sad story.
It asks many questions.

Talia Klein, the 13-year-old daughter, was living a life offered to her.
She did not choose for the circumstances to live in.
Too young to make her own decisions.

While a female politician recently assassinated in Pakistan gets headlines every day, nobody stops for a moment reflecting on the death of Talia.
Except the fervent and loyal blog reader of this posting.


To learn more about the hedge fund company Pacificor, click on:


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je said...

Although I disagree with alot of your posts, this one really is wonderfull. short, sweet and a real eye opener.