Monday, December 10, 2007

Something beautiful

These are days filled with events and impressions for all the hours awake.
There is no beginning to report as the next experience is offering itself already.

Yesterday, among several activities, was a visit to a centre for mentally challenged adult people.
Next to the Forbidden City in an old building.
Happy people in peace.

Candidates for the project “The most beautiful people in the world” are applying in numbers now.
A story was published in an important Beijing newspaper yesterday and this resulted in even more applications.

The whole project is organised from the hotel room.
Somehow we like to be there and have this as headquarters.
Like last night, we were 6 people in the room.
The TV-crew, the “Most beautiful People”-team, a French journalist from Radio France International and the photographer.
All having a fabulous time because the momentum has been rising high into the sky.
It is exciting and we are now in the nucleus of a spiralling event.

One reason for the success is that the people involved are working on the project on an equal base.
It is not the project of one person.
It is the project of all of us.
This requires of the photographer to let things go.
To control things as little as possible although safeguarding the principles and integrity of the project.
It actually feels to be in a river and floating in warm water in a beautiful landscape.
And most important, it feels enlightening to not have the ego in the way by for example bossing around the others.

This morning the hotel room looks like a party took place or some calamity.
Glasses, cups, food, snacks, bottles, newspapers, magazines, notebooks everywhere.
But something is created here.
Something beautiful.

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Steven said...

Most interesting adventure !