Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I love my dog and I have a son.

The first person claiming to be the most beautiful in the world has been visited.
A woman of 34 years old with a 2-year-old son and a 4-year-old obese poodle.
They are living in a two-bedroom apartment.
One bedroom for the woman.
The son sleeps in the living room.
And the second bedroom is for a nanny.

In the apartment it was an incredible mess.
And this seemed not to bother anybody.
A cup of coffee was offered that was made by putting cappuccino powder in cups with hot water.
As is often witnessed, the TV was on as if it was a moving painting.

Within a short time it was learned the woman was divorced.
Reaching out to connect again to the outer world.
With the intention to find there a new partner in life.

After some introductory chitchat, important to get a feeling of the person and some vital information, the interview followed to learn more about her motivation to claim she is the most beautiful person in the world.
The conclusion was:
“ I am the most beautiful person in the world because I am healthy, full of love and kindness and I love my dog.”

Obviously, it stands out when someone has a son but claims to love the dog.
There must be reasons for this way of selecting whom to love.

In this project three pictures are shown of the most beautiful person in the world.
One is a portrait and on its sides two pictures of the situation in which the person lives and sometimes with whom.
Because she had expressed she loved her dog, in one of the pictures the dog was put.
But while making those pictures it was realized this was too easy.
Somebody claims to love the dog and in the picture the spectator sees the dog.
That is too easy and therefore boring.
As a flash came the idea to change the dog for the son.
The result would be to see a portrait of the beautiful woman saying she loved her dog and next a picture would reveal she had a son.
So she would puzzle everybody.
Why does she not say she loves her son as well?
In this way the three pictures and the text become intriguing.

Later, in a nice restaurant we had a great lunch and the national Chinese TV who are still following closely the project interviewed her.

The films were brought to a lab and the pictures are ready today.
It will be very exciting to see the results.
However, they will not be published on this blog.
This has to do with copyrights.

Today a woman of 57.
And so on.
Every day a new person believing to be the most beautiful.
Meanwhile applications keep on coming in.

In China the project is already an overwhelming success.


To see pictures of the project "The most beautiful people in the world" and learn more about it, click on:

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