Saturday, December 22, 2007

Older than him.

The successful Chinese team of the project “The most beautiful people in the world” has a new member.
27-year-old Liang Han who offers to foreigners for their convenience the name Lydia.

Liang Han (Lydia) is a great addition to the team.
She is dynamic.
A great organizer.
Fluent in English and very nice company to everybody.

Today was a difficult day for the team.
Also for the CCTV-crew, the national Chinese television, following like a shadow.

Appointment was with Wu Chun Yan.
Living in one of the suburbs of Beijing.
In a high rise apartment building.

Wu Chun Yan responded to the announcement in the newspaper asking persons believing to be the most beautiful in the world to contact us, by sending an e-mail explaining she was a 35 year old woman with a 23 year old boyfriend.
This, in her opinion, made her the most beautiful woman in the world.

Once in her apartment, it was a rather tense situation.
It was discovered she lived in that apartment with her mother who was send shopping.
And it was the first time her boyfriend was there.
Her mother didn’t know about the relationship.

They know each other for 2 months.
And Wu Chun Yan explained they were ready to have a baby.
Besides, they were planning to immigrate to Australia.

The task was to not have a personal opinion interfere with the duty to simply report.
Whatever Wu Chun Yan was saying, whatever were her circumstances, they had to be presented in the context of the project as her presentation of her life.
If she felt like the most beautiful woman because of this boyfriend, nothing should interfere to neutrally report her message.
Why deny her the happiness she was obviously experiencing?

Hence, the approach of the team was in her favour.
But Wu Chun Yan, confronted with a reality different from the context from which she had been sending an e-mail, had a hard time to make the same statement.
In front of her the photographer.
Liang Han (Lydia) the translator.
And the CCTV crew.

Obviously it is difficult and delicate for Wu Chun Yan to deal with her experience in life.
Society is rather merciless with women of 35 who have a relationship with a man 12 years younger.
She eventually mentioned this.
When a man of 50 has a relationship with a woman of 30, nobody bothers about that.
But if a woman of 35 has a relationship with a man of 23, society condemns.

Because of the complex issue at stake not only the interview was very difficult.
But also the photo-session was a complicated affaire.
Filmed by the national Chinese television.
In front a photographer with a big camera.
Next to him a balanced and happily married woman translating perfectly.
No wonder Wu Chun Yan was more nervous and insecure than anybody before.

Such a hard, tough, painful job.
But it was successful.
Thank you, Liang Han (Lydia).


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