Monday, December 24, 2007

A helpless man.

Another crazy day in China.
Today a 20-year-old girl who wants to make a career as an actress.
Cai Shen Shen lives with her father in a poor neighbourhood on the 30th floor of an apartment building.
Trying to get jobs in films, on TV and in video clips.

Although 20 years old, Cai Shen Shen looks and acts as if she were 14.
The innocent Lolita-like girl.
Naively surprised by all the attention and looks she gets.

She was so excited the team was coming.
Had a large bottle of juice ready with carton cups.
Her father left the house after our arrival.

First there was a lengthy interview.
To find out why exactly she is thinking she is the most beautiful in the world.
Eventually she came to this statement:

“Everybody is different but everybody thinks they are the most beautiful.
Just like me.
I keep happy every day and everything will be fine.”

Not exactly a thought provoking statement but then this is Cai Shen Shen.
The way she is.
Deserving respect also.

The photo session was inside.
One room, in which a big bed, obviously used by the father, had enough light.
Question was what Cai Shen Shen was going to wear.
She had been sending pictures in which she really looked sexy.
With some Britney Spears nudity.

How is the photographer handling such a situation?
Going to ask her to put on the same sexy clothes?
Or let her decide herself how she wants to be dressed to be presented in this project?

The project “The most beautiful people in the world” is only a stage on which people can present themselves as they like.
There is no director in this case.
Hence, people can do as they wish.
To have a true representation of whom they are.

Cai Shen Shen decided to put on a super short dress and a photo session followed.
Each picture she posed in a different way without getting any instructions.
Poses known from glossy magazines and pin up pictures.
Dutifully the photographer made the pictures because this was how Cai Shen Shen wanted it.

A second session was made and for this Cai Shen Shen had changed clothes.
Now she was wearing an innocent looking white top stopping north of the belly button and a pair of super tight jeans starting hardly above the pubic hair beginnings.
A purple stone dangled from her navel.

Again she made all those seductive poses and the photographer was noticing he was a man.
Although concentrating heavily on the job an unwanted and uncontrollable excitement made itself known.
It was hoped the two other women present in the room, translator Liang Han and the editor from Marie Claire China Madi Zhu, would not notice.
Nor that the cameraman of the national Chinese TV would zoom in on this embarrassing detail.
Sometimes a man can be so helpless.

After the session Cai Shen Shen asked if a picture could be made of her with the photographer and Liang Han, the translator.


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