Monday, March 10, 2008

3 sides

The Netherlands is a beautiful country but it often has horrible weather.
There are these severe depressions coming from the Atlantic Ocean with high winds, rain and cold temperatures.
People are hiding in their houses and many suffer of the flue.
Life as a tragedy.
It is remarkable that the people from Ireland, Great Britain and the Netherlands, all living in the paths of the Atlantic depressions, have managed to become sophisticated societies.

The very worst is this situation for someone who is used to live life as a party in sunny and warm Mexico.
Suddenly the coin is turned.
The happy life becomes a tragic life.
Made more tragic by the persisting fever.

However, a coin has three sides.
And it is the third side that has a gloriful time these days.
There are all those friends who express their sincere regret for the awful circumstances their faithful blogwriter has drowned in.
Who have been sending good wishes, solidarity and support.
And that means a lot.


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Anonymous said...

You are loved. God bless you and your family.