Thursday, March 13, 2008


The heaviest storm of the year was ravaging the country of the Netherlands when the team of “The most beautiful people in the world” were taking off to India.
In the Airbus airplane at the Amsterdam gate the whole machine was already shaking by the violent winds exceeding 100 kilometres per hour. (62 miles)
But surprisingly taking off from the runway in these excessive winds was a more or less smooth ride quickly upwards.
And once above the clouds and the storm there was this almost abstract reality of blue sky, strong sun, no oxygen and super low temperatures.
No more connection to regional weather circumstances.

The first destination Helsinki, the capital of Finland.
Nokia country.
And Suunto: those fabulous watches.

The airline was Finnair, one of the best in Europe.
New planes and excellent service.

Their airport in Helsinki needs modernisation but is efficient.

Another Finnair Airbus flew non-stop in 7,5 hours to Mumbai, India.
A night flight and less and less this is appreciated.
Reason being that sleeping has become difficult in those inhuman circumstances.
Even Melatonin is not effective anymore.

Arrival in Mumbai was shortly after sunrise at 7 o’clock.
Very quiet at the airport and very easy and quick to get through Immigration, recuperate the luggage and clear customs.
Before to know the team of “The most beautiful people in the world” was in a taxi on its way to the guesthouse of the Hare Krishna temple.

The very first day in India was spent working and preparing to perform the project.
This was much enjoyed.
It is great to be back in India.
So fascinating, colourful, intriguing, puzzling and vital.
And it is great to work with the team.
Two ladies: 27-year-old Karine and 43-year-old Marjolein.
Both from Holland.
Very talented and professional and wonderful people to have experiences with.


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