Saturday, March 1, 2008

The Gonzales asking for help.

Lucretia Gonzales is a woman with a difficult life these days.
She suffers of her health.
The veins in her legs are giving hellish pains and she can hardly stand and certainly not walk anymore.
This at the age of 56.

At the same time there is a problem with her sister Blanca who lives in Tijuana.
Just south of the border from San Diego.
Blanca has a son who has been diagnosed with cancer in the intestines.
Two day ago this 42-year-old man was operated.

However, Blanca and her son have no health insurance.
In order to pay the medical bills Blanca is now calling for the help of her family.

Lucretia has been thinking what to do.
And has decided to use a common system in Mexico when one needs money.
To write a letter explaining why one needs money and request for a donation.
This letter is shown to friends.
Who donate and put their names and the amount they give on the back of the document.

Lucretia has asked the photographer to write such a letter in English.
To print it out so that her son Ismaƫl, who delivers water to the Americans and Canadians, can show the donation-letter to his clients.

Dear Friend,

This is Lucretia Gonzales from Rancho Punta Boca del Salado writing you with a request.
My sister Blanca, who lives in Tijuana, has the misfortune that her son has been diagnosed with cancer of the intestines.
He needed a major operation and is now recovering.
However, we don’t have medical insurance and my sister Blanca and all the family Gonzales is now doing an appeal on the solidarity and generosity of all their friends to be able to pay the hospital bills and doctor costs.

I kindly ask you to help us by offering a donation.

Please write your name, date, signature and amount on the back of this request.

On behalf of Blanca and her son, and on behalf of the whole Gonzales family, we like to sincerely thank you for your friendship.

Lucretia “Ketcha” Gonzales
Rancho Punta Boca del Salado
March 1, 2008.


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