Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Hare Krishna

An interview for a major magazine in the Netherlands.
They sent a young Polish journalist to the home where the fever of the victim was only slowly subsiding.

Most women the photographer knows personally are impressive and of exquisite beauty.
The opinion of all the others is that the most beautiful, most stunning, most elegant, most refined, most attractive and most sophisticated women are the Polish.
And the Polish journalist justified this opinion in every way.
Taking the controversy out of the opinion fully.
The interview becoming a privilege of communicating and sharing with her.

This was one of the three reasons why the fever went down.

Second reason was the presence of one of the team members who will come to India to perform the project “The most beautiful people in the world”.
As of the moment when this new Indian team was created, many things have been starting to happen.
It feels like a right connection of positive energies of the three members results in a fantastic machine triggering all kinds of fabulous effects.
Hence, several most interesting responses to the project are coming towards the team and it is like undergoing a ticker tape parade.
This exceptional experience creates adrenaline that is a perfect antidote for fever.

Third reason for the fever to retreat was that over the last 5 days the suffering photographer has been nursed in a most loving way by best friend Mandira.

One of the exciting aspects of the trip to India starting tomorrow is the fact that the team will stay with the Hare Krishna.
This spiritual movement has in the north of Mumbai a huge complex of a building with gardens, temples and a guesthouse.

This will be rather different compared to the regular stay in hotels.


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Anonymous said...

Michel so glad to hear you are feeling better. It is a strange coincicence that the time I visited Amsterdam I too came down with a terrible fever and was halucinating and had to have a doctor come to our room and give me a shot of antibiotics. I was ill until the last day and finally got out to see the beauty of that city. I am glad you are done with it and can get back to living life to the fullest as only you can do! Terry