Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Chinese poetry in India

Another warm and exciting day in Mumbai, India.
Trying to find people who believe they are the most beautiful in the world.

Today the inexhaustible team met a 50 year old man who had been a King in his former life.
Not a very good King hence in this life he had to pay for it.
By being not successful in business.
By being single while in love with a married woman.
But he did feel the most beautiful and this because of his spirituality.
He claimed:

I am beautiful, therefore you are beautiful.
You are beautiful therefore I am beautiful.

The team of the project “The most beautiful people in the world” were most impressed with this statement.
Not only because it is very true and a demonstration of deep wisdom.
Also because it is like a beautiful traditional Chinese poem.

In classical Chinese language poets make verses that not only rhyme, but make sense and sound beautiful.

Pond fish nestle shadows, shadows nestle fish.


Leisurely men watch actors, actors watch men.

Or the beautiful:

Throwing stone, break up sky under water.

It is the palindromic nature of the poem that makes it so strong.
While opening doors to unimaginable vistas.

I am beautiful, therefore you are beautiful.
You are beautiful therefore I am beautiful.

To say: “ I am beautiful “ is an impressive statement.
To connect it to the existence of the fellow human being, makes it not only philosophic but humanistic as well.
The real power though is in the fact that the poem dares to make the circle.
The own beauty depends and is tightly connected to the beauty of the other.

It is advised to look for people in the own world who live this poem.
They will see the beauty in the fervent and loyal blog reader and have that come to the surface.
To offer it the opportunity to link it to the universal beauty.

Throwing stone, break up sky under water.

One can see a hand with a stone and a lake with a smooth surface of still water.
The stone is launched and with an elegant curve lands on the water.
Creating a circle and another one.
A whole series of circles that slowly expand to the outer reaches of the lake.
But something else is happening at the same time.
The lake was reflecting the sky.
Not knowing whether the sky was carried by the surface of the water or rising from the bottom of the lake.

The stone and its launching and landing so innocent.
Because eventually the lake will find its calmness and peace to be reborn with the harmony of reflecting the sky.

These poems that make one think for a long time are like good photographs.
Images that make one look and see for a longer period.
Images that cannot be understood immediately.
Images that go inside the person watching them to make a journey of discovery to bring out emotions and insights never realised they were there.


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