Sunday, March 16, 2008

Hare Krishna, Hare Rama, Hare Krishna.

These are spectacular days.
In the morning there is awareness that many things might happen.
In the evening it is realized it was all beyond the wildest imaginations.

This is all the result of a simple situation.
Four peaceful people respectfully ask persons if they are the most beautiful in the world.
In many cases, this starts a ball rolling that results in incredible meetings, unions and conversations.

There is no beginning to describe those incredible meetings in detail.
They are intense.
People telling the most intimate things about their lives.
Happy to share.

Of course the famous question was also asked to one of the Hare Krishna’s devotees we see here around the Guesthouse and the Temple.
He brought us immediately to a small air-conditioned room in the vast Temple complex and disappeared.
Some time later a Hare Krishna appeared accompanied by a young man in civilian clothes.
Most friendly were the greetings and the project was explained.
Of course he had as a reason for being the most beautiful person in the world:

“..because I am the servant of the most beautiful, supreme personality of Godhead Lord Shree Krishna”.

The next step in the process was the Hare Krishna to be photographed.
This was not that simple.
He had to ask permission of his authorities.
An answer will come in a few days.

Next, he asked if it was possible that he asked the team of the project some questions.
Why not?
This resulted in a discussion of over one hour about religion and spirituality.
The Hare Krishna found himself opposed by Italian team member Alex and the photographer.
This was easy because a Hare Krishna has been indoctrinated in a very rudimentary way.
The world and its people are bad and going in the wrong direction.
Only solution is to become a Hare Krishna.
This song can be heard also among Muslims, fundamental Christians and in Wal*Mart.
Believe in my conviction because it is the only right one.
Hare Krishna, a 26-year-old devotee, asked:
“Who are you?”
The beginning of a standard procedure to bring a person to accept his Krishna-religion.
In the 60’s was a band called “Country Joe and the Fish” who had a song called “Who am I?”.
That was the time to be in search and drown in questions of existentialism.
But nowadays this question, “Who am I?” is not relevant because there is an adequate answer.
This doesn’t fit in the plans of a Hare Krishna.
He wants the interviewee to reply that he is not sure.
That he doesn’t really know.
So, looking straight into the eyes of the Hare Krishna, without any hesitation or shyness the reply was given:
“I am who I am”.
What kind of arrogant motherfucker is that to begin with to ask questions like “Who are you?” while dressed in bed sheets, painted with mural paint and a head shaved?
“I am who I am” is not an answer that fits in the Hare Krishna strategy.
Hence, a second question was asked quickly.
“Are you happy?”
Again looking for insecurity, dissatisfaction and hopelessness in order to find a place to anchor the Hare Krishna religion.
To start the process of indoctrination.
“Are you happy?: yes, my friend, I am happy”.

The discussion turned therefore by hearing the Hare Krishna speculate that most people didn’t know who they were and that they were unhappy.
And how his religion was the answer.
But soon he was cornered as he was presented with our concept of “going beyond”.
Being a Hare Krishna is being stuck in a system of dogma’s and of being in indoctrination.
Next step is to move up and out of it to become really enlightened.
By “not being something”, like a Hare Krishna, but by simply “being who you are”.
Living from the centre of your existence.
And finding there peace, harmony and fulfilment.
After which the person can really mean something for the others.
Without imposing or provoking anything.

Of course the Hare Krishna couldn’t say we were right.
And that was not even the objective nor ambition.
But he wants to see us again to talk more.
This we refused.
We only want an answer from him if he can be photographed.
His spiritual detoxication is not our business.



Anonymous said...

Mythology, Mythology, Mythology, and the simple stupid people read one book and think it's the only true path, and then they try and shove their path down your throat. The Christians, the Hare Krishna's, the muslims, all of them.
It's all mythology, Thanks for your post today, I just spent 5 days in the desert with a childhood friend whom I love, but thinks the bible is the word of GOD verbatim. It's hard when someone is sure their path should also be yours, I would rather spend eternity in hell then walk my remaining years as a fundamentalist christian.

Ankit said...

good thoughts check my blog