Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Black pebbles and nonsense.

The fervent and loyal blog readers who have ordered and received the book “The PS series” have been reading in the foreword about the issue of awareness.

How awareness is not a constant thing.
It has a level and this can go up or can go down.
The level going up is decided in the first place by openness.
A person must have an open mind to make the level of awareness go up.
A person sank in doctrines stagnates awareness as long the fixed way of thinking cannot be left behind.

Secondly, there must be a peace of mind to truly be able to digest, understand and feel what is be aware of.
The mind must have calmed down.
The spinning of thoughts must have come to a halt.

Recently there were two experiences concerning awareness.

Gumaro is building a small house on his property.
The idea was born to have the sand path in front of the new building covered with cement.

The suggestion was made to put small pebbles in the cement saying:


The G and M standing for the initials of the family names of Gonzales and Montaño.
The plan is to use white pebbles and there happen to be a bunch of them left from a former project.
Yesterday, Luis, the labourer, came to say that it would be nice to mix white with black pebbles.
Great idea!
But Ketcha said there were no black pebbles and stones at Punta Boca del Salado.
They can be found at Cabo Pulmo, 40 kilometres away but not here.
Somehow she knew.

Her statement was rather unbelievable.
Punta Boca del Salado has been visited since 1979 and never it was realized there were no black stones.
Immediately a walk was made in the dry riverbed and to the beach to look for black pebbles and stones.
There were none.
All stones and pebbles are grey or reddish.
This must have a geological explanation but harder to explain is that this fact has never been entering the awareness.
The absence of black stones has never been noticed.
What else is there at Punta Boca del Salado what has not been seen or understood?

The other experience concerning awareness happened last week.
There was a dinner with two American friends.
In the beautiful house of one of them.
There was fresh tuna, rice and beans.
Of course the conversation was partly about politics.
Friend F. was the most outspoken and expressive about his opinions.
And was in opposition to the two others on almost every issue.
For example, according to friend F. there is no climate crises.
Al Gore is an idiot.
Nor is there a danger we will run out of fossil fuels.
Friend F. is saying that the oil reserves under our soil are replenishing themselves naturally.
We can pump up as much oil as we want and never will run out.

F.’s friends were rather flabbergasted by these statements.
And asked where F. was getting his information from.
Then it became clear why F. was making his peculiar statements.
His awareness had only been filled with magazines and radio shows ventilating these absurd points of view.

Awareness needs openness.
But next, one must be wise and selective about what is allowed to pass the doors of perception.
No to conservative, right wing nonsense.
Yes to black pebbles.


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