Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The most happy girl in a whirl

On November 17th a posting was published on this blog titled: “The most happy girl in the world”.
It was about 10 year old Rossillo who asked if she could get a mobile phone for her birthday.

It was decided to respectfully honour her request and appreciate her initiative and courage.
And not to impose on her bourgeois doctrine.

Last Sunday Rossillo came to the rancho at Punta Boca del Salado, Baja California, Mexico.
Together with her mother Norma and her little half brother Angelito.
Her older half brother Edgar lives at the rancho permanently.

In the afternoon a moment was chosen to present Rossillo with her present.
Surrounded by her family she opened the Telcel plastic bag and found the LG mobile phone.
A rather expensive mobile phone because it has all the options a 10-year-old girl dreams of.
Better give her a good one instead of a cheap mobile phone lacking the options like photo, music, games and video.
In the end, the whole idea is to challenge Rossillo with a sophisticated instrument to develop and train her brain.
So who cares about how much the thing costs?

Rossillo expressed her thanks like a princess.
She didn’t run to the donor to put her arms around him and kiss him a thousand times.
No, not in that vulgar and artificial way.
She just looked up from her phone once she had realised that her dream had come true, looked the donor in the eyes and said: “Thank you”.
Some time later she did this again.
And even a third time.
It was sincere and dignified.

Next thing that happened was of course her 12-year-old half-brother Edgar approaching and saying:
“I want a mobile phone from you as well”.

This needed a lot of attention.
Edgar is having a difficult time in his life.
He has left school and is working on the rancho separated from his mother, his half sister and his half brother.
His father is never in touch with him.
Edgar seems not to have much appetite for life.
He is very lazy and prefers to lie in a chair and watch TV.
To see his sister being successful in life is painful for him.
She managed to create a good relationship and a bonding with the current boyfriend of her Mom.
She has a substitute for her father lacking.
But Edgar is out of sync with the current boyfriend and at the rancho he has no strong relationship with his grandfather.
Granddad is mostly annoyed by the inactivity of the grandson and expressing this clearly.

So, of course Edgar is not going to get an expensive mobile phone like Rossillo simply because his half sister got one after she showed initiative and courage and because it was her birthday.
Carefully it was explained to Edgar that in February, when it is his birthday, he will get a present as well.
He is invited to think about what he wants.
His jealousy has died and he now focuses on thinking hard of what to receive as a present.
Something positive in his life and a connection with a man who will not let him down.


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