Monday, December 15, 2008

A dog dying

Even in a peaceful and harmonious situation like we find at Punta Boca del Salado, Baja California, Mexico, sometimes dramatic things happen.

Last Wednesday was a day nothing exceptional happened.
At the end of the afternoon there was the daily run of about 45 minutes and as always the two loyal dogs accompanied the athlete.
Gante and Rocky coming along to disappear in the bushes once in a while to sniff out the rabbits.
After the exhausting run for man and animals they got as always fresh water.
And the dogs a tin of dog food.

Next morning Rocky was there to welcome the early riser, but Gante was absent.
Unusual as he is the one who always sleeps underneath the Fuso Szulc and is the first to need cuddling as a morning welcome.

Gante didn’t show up the whole day.
And was not seen anywhere.

When going to the kitchen hut of Lucretia to enjoy the evening meal at night, Gante was spotted.
He was underneath one of Gumaro’s car.

Breathing heavily.
A foam like substance around his eyes.
His mouth full of sand.
More death than alive.

What was going on?
Had he been hit by a passing car?

But Lucretia knew the story.
Somehow, Gante and the dog from Gumaro called Tonkey, had found their way to another rancho several miles away.
At this rancho, called “La Limonada”, currently nobody is living.
Only the corrals there are used in the morning for milking the cows.
Because there was a plague of rodents at “La Limonada”, rancho help Tony had put poison.
Gante had been eating the stuff.
It had knocked him down shortly after when Don Felipe found him.
This was how he was brought back to Rancho Punta Boca del Salado.
They gave Gante some medication and milk and that was it.

On Friday Gante decided to change location and somehow managed to haul his deadly sick body to the Fuso Szulc.
As of then, he is underneath.
Suffering tremendously.
Hardly moving.
Refusing to eat.

Sometimes he comes out to drink a little bit.
His body is cramped and around his eyes is still this foam like cream.

This situation exists as of Thursday.
More than 3 days of intense suffering the dog is having.

Meanwhile his owner, Alfredo, has left to spend some days again with his girlfriend Jorgina.

What to do with Gante?
It looks he is dying…


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