Sunday, December 7, 2008

A virtual wetsuit

The virtual wet suit.
This is what is needed every morning when swimming in the Sea of Cortez, Baja California, Mexico.
The temperature of the water has been going down too much.

What the hell is a virtual wet suit?
So often this blog reports about things hardly anybody knows about.
Because it is coming from a fantasy or is simply exclusive information.
A normal person gets lost often here.

Maybe fervent and loyal blog readers know what is a fakir?
This is a person from India who has managed to have the mind control the body.
We all know the fakir who dresses in a loincloth only and lies down on a bed that consists of large nails.
With the sharp points upwards.
But the fakir lies down anyway and the nails do not get into his body.
Or a fakir is able to walk through a fire.
Or is able to survive exposure to a long period of cold.
The fakir is able to perform these feats because he is able to concentrate.
A concentration on an ultimate high level so that his mind gets control over his body.

What are we supposed to do with these anecdotes from the circus?
What has a fakir to do with a swim in the sea?

Another way of having mind control the body is the dealing with pain.
If for example extreme pain is suffered in the hand, the mind can imagine it is making a barrier at the wrist not letting any pain through.
Because the pain is in the hand and cannot be guided to the brains, as it is blocked where is the wrist, the person with this mind power, will not feel pain.

If this is true, why don’t you try this yourself?
Cut your hand, imagine a wall in your wrist and see how much pain you feel!
Nice story but seeing is believing…

The situation here at Punta Boca del Salado is that the Sea of Cortez has been cooling off considerately.
Nevertheless, each morning a long swim is made.
A normal person would not do this.
It is too cold.
Hence, the only way to perform the exercise is to be like a fakir.
To control the body with the mind.
The system of autosuggestion is used.
The mind is forced to think constantly: “Gee, what a warm morning today!”
The moment the water is entered the only thought allowed is:
“Amazing how warm the water is!”
While swimming and the body cooling off more and more, the thought is forced:
“Puff, it feels like Summer time here”.

And this strategy of autosuggestion works.
The swim is made and not one moment is there any suffering while in the cold water.
The mind is covering the body with a virtual wet suit.

Oh, thàt is a virtual wet suit.
Now it is to understand.
How about a virtual mini-skirt?



Rojo said...

You have been being so good ,now today you are "one toke over the line again" LOL enjoy your swim and I enjoy your blog everyday, over the line or not.


Jo said...

Are there more tourists now since
you posted on Nov. 22 about how few were there this year? Just curious.
Wish I were there. Palm Springs isn't bad, but it's not the East
Cape either!!