Monday, December 1, 2008

She is a beautiful boobytrap

Recently the fervent and loyal blog readers were informed about an attack by Russian scammers.
A person pretending to be “Elena Russia” sent an e-mail proposing to start a communication.
Wit the purpose to end up as a family with kids.

This is a well-known scam and on internet one can find many warnings about these Russians preying on lonely but rich single men in Europe and the USA.

There are websites about Russian scammers where one can see pictures of the so called ladies writing the e-mails, received by hundreds of potential victims.
Where one can read e-mails that have been send under different names to many recipients in the West.

Recently on this blog a posting was published of a scam message that was received from Elena.
A person pretending to be a 32 year old pediatrician from Cheboksary in Russia.

That message got a reply from Charles Dahler, a dentist from Munich in Germany.
An imaginary person.

Of course, within two days, Elena from Cheboksary replied.
A long e-mail in awful English.

Some things are made clear to Charles in the message from Russia:

“. I wish to tell to you, that in this first letter
to you I Will tell about me directly, it is good Charles? At once I wish to tell, That I have been acquainted by it, people from the Internet reach Acquainted with young girls, that this girl has sent them naked Photo. Understand, that I am very serious in creation of our attitudes With you and me never I shall send a naked photo to you.
I shall be Frank in all letters and I shall demand the same attitude
to, on Equal human rights and women. I hope, that it is clear for You

How strange to explain immediately that requests for nude pictures are not allowed.
Of course not.
Because the scam is about trying to have money transferred.
Hence, money is brought up immediately as well:

“Also, to pay my university to me
it it was necessary To work very much, to pay my research. I have sold
ice-cream, I was the croupier in Casino. Understand Charles which I
should not choose in work as mine Parents could not pay my research,
and I should work independently”

The issue the scammers know will lure their victims the most is presented in this way:

My girlfriend, which Also has acquainted with the
American, has arrived here to Russia (now Maria lives with the husband
in America), and has shown me how to reach Acquainted with you after
which it has in a stock, wished me successes in Fulfilment of
acquaintance to you Charles. It is very happy which This inquiry of
person Michael. Its name Maria, and its husband names Michael Ring, it
is more likely known the person in circles. Now they - very much Happy
they married and have two beautiful children. I loved And therefore I
have decided to write Maria's experience to you The letter. I do not
know, as you on it will react, but I would like to Know your opinion
concerning this account.

The procedure will now be that e-mails will go up and down and the man will think to get a closer and closer relationship to the Elena in Russia.
Once a certain level of intimacy has been achieved, the requests for money will start.
This is why in the second message from Russia the perspective from the girlfriend with her new American husband Michael Ring is presented.
Men who are lonely and who believe that a perspective could be to marry a Russian woman who will join to live together, are the perfect victims.

To inspire more communication, new images accompanied the second message.

As a reply, the following message was sent to Russia:

Hello Elena,

Thank you for your message and the beautiful pictures.
I have just finished taking care of my horses and have time now to write you a few words.
Before to go to this meeting about environmental issues that are playing in my region.
The lake on my property is getting polluted by some small industry not far away and this needs to find a solution.

Elena, I was wondering about something.
Your first e-mail address you have been sending from was from Spain.
Your next e-mail you had the e-mail address
And now you have ***
This I don’t understand.

As you explained yourself, there are many strange things happening on the Internet and probably you can clear up and explain this confusing situation with your many e-mail addresses.

Many regards,


To learn more about scams from Russia, click on and visit:

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