Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A dog maybe surviving

The dog Gante has not been eating poison to kill rodents.
He has been eating poison that had been put around the Rancho La Limonada to kill coyotes.
That lowers his chances of survival seriously.

Yesterday Alfredo returned to the rancho from his activities in his love nest elsewhere.
He left last Friday conveniently claiming everything was fine with his dog Gante and that in a few days the animal would be healthy again.

Upon his return he was immediately approached.
Explained that his dog Gante was dying.
For 3 days underneath the Fuso Szulc not moving and not eating.

Alfredo himself decided to take the dog to a veterinarian.
And that is quite a commitment.
He has to stop all the work at the rancho.
Drive to San Jose del Cabo and that takes over one hour.
And spend cash on the veterinarian.
Those are big consequences for Alfredo.

A rancho help came by 5 hours after the conversation with Alfredo.
Got Gante from underneath the Fuso Szulc and put him in the bed of Alfredo’s pick up truck.
In the afternoon Alfredo went with Gante to San Jose del Cabo and the veterinarian.
He didn’t return to the rancho last night.
The result will be found out today or in the days to come…


1 comment:

Jo said...

Good for you for caring about the dog to have something done for him, he's such a cute dog, I hope it's not
too late for him.