Sunday, March 14, 2010

Flaps for flaps

The appearance of the Fuso Szulc is getting an upgrade these days.

The Mitsubishi Fuso FG truck was equipped with mud flaps.
Installed by the truck dealer in San Diego, California, USA.

On these mud flaps is the name and place of the truck dealer dominantly painted.
Therefore, driving the truck around is contributing to a publicity campaign.

That is all very well.
In the end a truck needs mud flaps.
And if the truck dealer delivers good service, why not allow them to use the truck to make some publicity?

However, the last experience with the truck dealer has been very bad.
Details do not matter anymore as the nightmare they caused and the financial siphoning of the customer are left behind as very unfortunate experiences.

As of then the mud flaps were always seen as inappropriate publicity.
Because if somebody asked for advice about this company, it would be negative.

Recently, new mud flaps were purchased for 300 Mexican Pesos ( 17 € / 24 $ ) that are now to replace the old ones.
They are black with red lettering.
Making publicity for a truck dealer in Tijuana, Mexico called "El Camionero".

The new mud flaps are bigger and therefore more effective.
And being black, they fit better aesthetically.

A happiness is felt for having the new mud flaps.
As this was an issue since the horror-like experience with the Mitsubishi truck dealer in San Diego.
But it is really behind now.
Like the mud flaps.


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