Tuesday, March 16, 2010

From thinking to feeling.

From single to dual.
One effect is that on the body now scratches magically have appeared.
And that the space inside the Fuso Szulc has been halved.
But the major effect is the enlarging of the heart that is growing into a volume never experienced before.
Filled with beauty, bliss, harmony, peace, care, solidarity, concern and affection.

But also the sea contained two souls as if paradise can exist.
Floating on the waves with a bright sun in a blue sky.

This amount of happiness can be scaring.
It is of such a purity and intensity that the thinking comes up with the concept of guilt.
And fear and a sense that it is not deserved.
That such an extreme state can only come at a price.

But that is the thinking.
Moving into negative territory and into a time that is not.
While the feelings, totally in the here and now, are content and enjoying.
Entering every moment so deep there is no tomorrow.

From single to dual is from thinking to feeling.


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Anonymous said...

Did you hook up after all this! Nah.