Tuesday, March 2, 2010

SF come true

It has been predicted in science fiction stories long ago.
A machine that can audibly and instantly translate.

For example, a German person and an American person meet.
One speaks German, the other speaks English.
In between them they have this machine that instantly translates what every person says in the other language.
The German says something in German and the machine instantly translates it into English.
The American says something in English and instantly the machine translates this in German.

This is a great invention very useful for people who travel.
No need anymore to learn languages.

This fabulous machine has been developed in Germany.
At the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology.
It is called "Silent sounds" and was presented today at the CeBIT-congress in Hannover, Germany.

For the moment they stick electrodes on the skin of the person talking.
These electrodes determine the slightest movements of the facial muscles and the position of the lips.
To translate them into audible text.
However, in the near future the electrodes will be placed for example in mobile phones.

One way of using this machine is for persons who have lost their voice.
Another application is to talk soundlessly in public places in the mobile phone without disturbing anyone else.
The third way of using it is to have it translate.
Already the "Silent Sounds"-system makes on average only one mistake every one hundred words.

It is expected, according to Michael Wand of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology that in about five to ten years this invention will be a common gadget.

Will be fun to see what happens when two of these machines will be made to talk to each other.


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