Sunday, March 7, 2010

How to have a ball

A custom made expedition vehicle is like a living thing.
It makes itself heard and wants to be taken care of as if it was a crying baby needing a diaper switch.

Some of the issues currently at hand.

The outdoor compartment doors were made by a company called Rexco in Ontario, California, USA.
This company has been visited when it turned out that when it is raining the water gets into the cargo compartments.
Yes, the manager at Rexco said, our doors are not rainproof.
What is even worse of these doors is that water gets inside the doors and make the aluminum rust.
Eventually, mainly on the bottom of the doors, large holes appear where the aluminum has pulverized.
Every person slightly knowledgeable and needing RV doors avoids a company like Rexco.
They make shitty doors.
These days good friend Xavier in La Paz, Baja California, Mexico, who is an excellent mechanic, is fixing the doors.
Not a perfect solution but he removes all rotten aluminum, fills it up with silicone and then places a plastic plate on the outside of the door with in between tons of more silicone.

Another issue remains the Datastorm Hughesnet Satellite system.
In fact, this system has never been working as it should.
Nowadays, it will look for satellites, find one but next is unable to recognize what satellite it is.
Hence, it spins around, looks and looks, finds satellites, but is unable to know what is the assigned SatMex 5 satellite.
This can go on for hours.
It won't help to change settings in the controller, reloading the satlist or any other trick in the bag.
And there are many after years of flawfull operating.
And then, suddenly, out of the blue, after hours, it does find the correct satellite and connection is established.
But then new problems arise.
Like not passing a Transmit Pointing Test.
By now, it has become so bad, that no excitement is felt anymore when Motosat Hughesnet Satellite System is being enigmatic and uncooperative.
It has been accepted it is simply a rotten system and that no expectations are awarded, not even the ones created by the PR of Datastorm and Hughesnet in their advertisements.

And then this morning suddenly the Shurflo waterpump stopped working.
No clue yet what could be the reason.
According to the SeeLevel monitor there is still 22 % water in the tanks.

Some people like to deal with technical problems.
They approach those challenges as interesting little projects.
To analyze them, find the reasons for malfunctioning and to come up with a solution.
Those people are perfect for a custom made expedition vehicle.
They would have a ball most of the time.


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luvglass said...

Almost makes you wonder why an artist would buy one of these things.