Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Boran and the Kible

It has been scientifically proven that there is no heaven and hell.
Therefore we can all sit back and relax now that we know that high above us there is no heaven and deep down under us there is no hell.

However, before we relax too much, there are two things we should never forget.
The two things called fear and greed.
That are not located somewhere out there in space.
Or deep underneath us.
They are located right inside ourselves.

And certain religions, long time ago, discovered fear and greed.
And used them as a way to control the people.
To fear the concept of hell was connected.
To greed the concept of heaven.

This is one of the reasons why a person with a well functioning mind will not take religions serious.
They are man made inventions to manipulate and to control.
Religions are not even close to God and Godliness.

Two days ago in a Café Exquisito coffeeshop in La Paz, Baja California, Mexico, two well dressed young man were sitting at a table.
In between them they had a Bible.
One was teaching the other.
Asked: "What questions do you have in your life?"
The student replied: "Well, like, where do we come from, why do we live, what will happen to us eventually, that kind of thing".
This was a great opportunity for the Bible teacher.
"Where do we come from" ?
Go to chapter such and such on page 567 and read what Paul had to say about this.
"Why do we live"?
Go to chapter such and such on page 432 and read what Peter gives as an answer.
And so on.
Every question about life the ignorant and simplistic boy had, the answers were there in the Bible according to the teacher.

Therefore, the attention of the Bible teacher was requested.
He looked and listened and was first puzzled when he heard:
"Hey Mr. Bible teacher, do you realize that right now two guys are sitting in a tearoom in Karachi, Pakistan with in between them the Koran and one is, like you, explaining life to the other based on their holy book?"

To that question the bible teacher obviously had no answer: no chapter in his book with instructions about how to live was giving him an adequate answer.
His common sense though should have told him that it was true: religious fundamentalism and its brainwashing is happening all over the planet.
Based on different books but all with the same devastating effects.

The two men stood up, paid for their coffee and left.
They preferred to continue to believe in heaven and hell instead of recognizing and self-handle their fear and greed.


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