Monday, March 15, 2010

From single to dual

This is the fifth effort this morning to try to write a posting.
It is impossible.
Every beginning goes nowhere and the resulting text is better deleted.

Reason is that an ultimate form of excitement is experienced.
Because today the one that is in the heart arrives.
Soon a journey to the airport starts to meet her there to bring her to Punta Boca del Salado.
Where life will be together again.

The mind therefore is unable to focus.
To come up with a good subject and to put that in a sense making story.

It is even so bad that the fingers get uncoordinated on the keyboard.
Because connection with the brain is lost.

That is occupied with major issues like: is it a good idea to bring flowers to the airport?
Or is it better not to offer flowers?
And if offering flowers is crucial, must they be dandelions or even roses?
Or maybe only one sunflower?
Or are flowers pathetic and will the waiting man in the arrival hall of the airport look like a fool standing there with flowers in his hand?
And will she burst out laughing?

And another vital issue: must deodorant be applied?
Or better not?
And if applying deodorant, in what quantity?
Or is the natural body smell more convincing?

You see, fervent and loyal blog reader, sometimes more important matters are to be focused on instead of writing a daily posting.

Or things to do are more important: now the interior of the camper needs to be thoroughly cleaned, fresh sheets put on the bed and clean towels in the bathroom.

It is going from single to dual and nothing gets in between.



Ken Norton - Image 66 Media said...

You have it bad, buddy.

Anonymous said...

"I would prefer one single sunflower but.... the important thing is that you were there waiting for her! ;)"

Eva S., Barcelona, Spain

Anonymous said...

"I envy you ........
enjoy your happinez!"

B. S. , Holland

Anonymous said...

"are you in love?! if i were her i would like to receive dandelions ;)"

Irina B., San Francisco