Friday, March 12, 2010

Huge Hughes problems

There are two major issues playing these days in the life of the pioneering photographer.

The one that is the most important concerns the Queen of Dreams but fervent and loyal blog readers will understand that certain things should be kept private.

The other issue is the Datastorm Hughes Satellite system that is installed in the Fuso Szulc.
An expensive system that allows to connect to a satellite with Motosat hardware and to get on the internet with Hughes software.

Unfortunately, this is the only system that is on the market, besides Starband, and more unfortunately is that it is full of flaws.

Resulting in customers unable to access the internet because of problems with their Datastorm Hughes Satellite system.

Although the Datastorm Hughes Satellite system has never been working in the Fuso Szulc without a problem, these days it is not working at all.
It has come up with a complete new flaw: it is unable to identify the satellites it finds.
Suddenly, out of the blue, this malfunctioning is occurring.
And why is a good question.

In the D3 controller of the Datastorm Hughes Satellite system is software that contains a list of coordinates of satellites.
When the system finds a satellite it is supposed to check the list, figure out what satellite has been found and calculate how to get to the satellite that it is assigned to.

But if the Datastorm Hughes Satellite system is unable to determine what satellite it has found, it will say that it was unable to identify the signal and will move on to a next satellite.
For hours and hours.

Of course the list with satellites has been reloaded into the D3.
To no avail.

By now, after years of trouble with the Datastorm Hughes Satellite system there is a fantasy.
To line up the technicians responsible for designing the Datastorm Hughes Satellite system.
To force them to undress.
To spray them with ice cold water.
And after this rather nice treatment compared to the frustration and aggravation they have caused thousands of customers, these technicians will be told that they get 15 minutes to solve the problem on board the Fuso Szulc.
If they are not successful they are deported to the island of Borneo to tend orangutans.

The cruel reality is that the orangutans on Borneo will never be taken care of by the technicians of the Datastorm Hughes Satellite system.
They are hiding behind having the monopoly and the ineffective laws for protecting customers in the USA.
They can get away with selling crap.


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luvglass said...

Who is your ISP? and more importantly, why aren't they helping you? the system isn't a magic box, it's a piece of electronics that works on engineering principles. It can be fixed, you just haven't found the technician yet to help you.

Is it possible that you are at the geographical boundary of the footprint?

FWIW, we use Mobile Satellite Technologies out of VA.

Good luck, this must be very frustrating for you,