Thursday, January 24, 2008

Brackets, bolts and nuts.

The mornings.
At Punta Boca del Salado.
Always to remember.

The roosters announce the new day.
While the twilight slowly changes into a sun rising out of the Sea of Cortez.

It is peaceful here.
Everything is going well.

It has been arranged now that a loyal friend will send the Combiner Box and the other hardware to Mexico in a couple of days.
To connect the 6 solar panels on the roof of the Fuso Szulc in the way as professionals do.
To eliminate the danger, as it exists now, of damage to solar panels and even fire.
According to Am Solar Inc.
And to make the production of electricity more optimal.

Thinking sometimes is about the job that will have to be performed once the hardware has arrived.
New 10 gauge 2 wire of $ 2.25 per foot must connect the solar panels to the Combiner Box.
For this the solar panels must come off their brackets in order to replace the cables on the back.
How to do this?

The solar panels are mounted on the roof with brackets.
One side of the bracket is to the side of the solar panel.
With a bolt and a nut.

However, the side of the solar panel is U-shaped.
No way one can get to the nut in order to unbolt.

This means that the bolt holding the bracket to the roof needs to be attacked.
However, the bolt is covered in silicone.

That could be removed but the next question is if the bolt going into the roof has a bolt also?
It might be that Santek Trailers has bolted the brackets with nuts to the steel beams of the body of the Fuso Szulc before they covered the inside ceiling.
When they still had access to the bottom of the aluminium roof and the steel beams.

The preference would be to unbolt the brackets from the sides of the solar panels.
Not to fool around with removing silicone and bolts going into the roof.
But the thinking does not come up with an answer.

Instead of focusing to pain the brains thinking about a solution for this challenge, the attention has moved to observe how in the coming days an answer to the question will come.



Anonymous said...

Very simple ,,,use a high speed cutter to cut the end of the bolt off that you can see

Mike said...

Most likely those are sheet metal screws and there is no nut on the opposite side. You may want to check with a marine supply company for the proper fasteners to use with alumimum. You may have a galvanic corrosion problem in the future without the proper fastener.

Anonymous said...

there is no nut under the roof Mike is right those are seetmetal screws and is probably allso time to check the water level on the batterys maigtbe the reason power is not working right. If you want to remuve the panels scrape the silicone remuve the screw

Anonymous said...

Why replace the wire. just do you work from the other end. hook up the old wires to the new box.
You may also fine that the nuts are spot welded to the back side and no need to hold the back side with a wrench

Anonymous said...

I assume that there is a nut on the other side since "you" said there electric or air, high speed cutter, with a 3 inch or 4 inch cutoff disc will slice right thru the head of the bolt in seconds,,leaving you to simply tap the bolt on thru the hole..about a 15 minute job to do all of your panels,,High speed cutoff tools are sometimes called 4inch grinders

Anonymous said...

Maybe a call to the owner of Santek Trailers will bring an answer before you cut, tear or remove anything. Even though the business closed, the people who built your system are around somewhere.