Wednesday, January 2, 2008

On lover's lane.

The expedition has vehicled into La Paz, Baja California, Mexico.
After 4 days of driving.

There used to be 4 trailer parks in La Paz.
Over a year ago “El Cardon” closed and the land was used to build houses.
A fancy gated community.
Last year “Aquamarina RV Park” closed.
The owners sold the land for building houses also.

“Casa Blanca” is a trailer park right next to the highway entering town.
It is more a parking place where RV’s stand next to each other without any separation of a wall or trees.
The owner is planning to close down his RV Park and change it into tennis courts.

The last RV Park is the “La Paz RV Park”.
Nicely located near the Sea of Cortez in a quiet neighbourhood without traffic noise.
It is for Mexico an expensive trailer park: 27 $ (18 Euros) a night.
Also this park looks more like a parking lot with RV’s close to each other.
Very annoying is that the owners keep a dog in an enclosure.
The poor animal barks desperately constantly and that gets on the nerves.

Last night it turned out that “La Paz RV Park” was closed.
Not one RV.

Even last year, many people came with their RV’s to stay in La Paz.
But this year it seems to be different.
Over the last days it had already been noticed that much less RV’s were parked along the beaches near Mulege and Loreto.
It might be of the high price of fuel that people with an RV decide not to travel long distances anymore.
But also crime may be an issue.
In the US-press stories have been published of killings of US-tourists in the Tijuana area of Mexico.

Because staying at the parking lot near the highway called “Casa Blanca trailer park” is not an attractive option, the Fuso Szulc was parked on lover’s lane.
This is a stretch of land right next to the sea in La Paz where amorous couples come to, let’s say, see the sun go down.

It is very unusual, when in a town, not to spend the night in a campground.
For different reasons.
Safety is one.
Respect for local rules is another.
Allowing local business to make a buck is a reason as well.
And it is enjoyed when there is unlimited availability of water and electricity, garbage disposal and a nice and long warm shower.
What is also often enjoyed is the contact with fellow travellers.
Many nice people have been met at campgrounds.

Today visits to friends in La Paz are scheduled and getting supplies.
Because later, the final leg of this journey will be made.
To reach the Gonzales family at Punta Boca del Salado.
For several weeks of contemplation and Photoshop-work.
Taking care of business and the terrible dog Gorba.



Anonymous said...

Yes, the majority of my friends have not made trips into baja as a result of the recent attacks. It's to bad, I would travel, but I don't think I would want to drive the border regions with my wife and daughters.I think the economy will feel the impact and officials will have to improve the situation if they want the tourist dollars to return to previous levels. Robert

Anonymous said...

I think one of the things I enjoyed most about this site was the building of the rig, and the destinations. With all the little repairs you are doing, and I know you are a great photographer, could you take a few pictures of your repairs and your suroundings, camp sites and how you are set up once you are at a fixed location?

gadabout said...

Did you not find a new home for Gorba?