Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Hunted and caged.

It is for several years now that an effort is made to simplify life.
This is the result of becoming aware that much of the time and much of the energy is spent on things and issues that are in fact of no importance.
These things and issues are often not self-imposed but are coming to a person because of living in a society and operating in it.

There may be people who do not experience the things and issues of living and working in a society as useless nuisances, complications and irritations.
Who are able to handle life and its many bureaucratic aspects as a successful juggler in the circus.
Keeping the plates turning on the sticks like making a walk between the trees in the forest.

Not being a circus artist but an artist photographer, and this is a rather fundamental difference, a point came that enough was enough.
A rather radical approach by giving up the house and the things inside, leaving society and the community to become a detached person.

This happened in 2005 and as of then this process of being detached is finding a balance.
Efforts were made to eliminate as much as possible the things and issues that are considered a waste of time and energy.
One way of achieving this is by simplifying life.
Anything that is wanted in connection to society has consequences.
By reducing desires and wishes and wanting, the consequences do not come into existence.

This is a fun way of living.
To discover how little in fact is needed.
How independent one can be of a society.
And how joyful it is to live without being bothered by bureaucracy and idiocy.

To be free of society is one thing.
But this doesn’t mean that society simply lets one go.
A person can withdraw from society.
But society can go after that person nevertheless.

While living in the artist-village Cadaques in Spain, many rather extreme people would come to spend some time enjoying the beauty and history of the place.
One man was a poet from Germany who was having this inner struggle he couldn’t solve being in German society.
So he came to Cadaques and made long walks and meditated and did any thing to detach himself.
One night he was seen on the Plaza of Cadaques, the main little square surrounded by trees next to the Mediterranean Sea.
He finally had reached his full detachment and enlightenment.
In the middle of the square, at about 2 o’clock at night, he spread his arms and yelled at the top of his voice:


Unfortunately for the German poet, nearby a Spanish policeman was guarding the peace and tranquillity of the village.
Defending society the policeman walked up to the German poet and beat him on the head with his baton.
Arrested him and took him to the police station.
To rub in, maybe with the club, that you are not supposed to feel free in a society.

A person detaching from society deals with opposing powers.
Having a swinging baton above the head constantly.
This is not a joke.
Today a long story ended of a rather heavy baton that had landed painfully.

When the Netherlands were left in the year 2000, of course officially the registration with the IRS of that country was cancelled.
By registered letter including the necessary documents proving the departure of the country.
So far so good.
For 7 years.
Until last July the bank contacted the innocent nomad informing that the IRS from the Netherlands had confiscated a huge amount of money.
Income taxes over 7 years of an amount imagined by the IRS themselves.
The IRS has the legal position to simply confiscate.
Doesn’t matter if it is not justified.
Doesn’t matter if it is not in the account: the bank has to give it putting the client deeply in debt.
Next, a long battle with the IRS ensued to remember them that legally no taxes could be claimed of someone who is not a resident anymore.
Something they knew as of the year 2000.
Eventually they admitted they were wrong and after 6 months they paid back the money.
All the costs involved in this IRS charade are not of their concern.

One can try to be free and detached.
And this can be a successful personal exercise.

A truly free life in supposedly free societies.
It is possible.
But the others continue to hunt and cage.



Kathyrn said...

Congratulations on getting your money back (minus the expenses you incurred) - surely they have to pay you interest on the money they "borrowed" from you?????


Robert said...

I recently read that I would still be federally taxed on my assets and retirement if I moved out of the U.S.A. and gave up my citizenship. I was looking at retirement strategies and it was an eye opener.

Anonymous said...

We have been twice imposed upon by our benevolent IRS! Once they owed us money and then next time we broke even. It cost of thousands of dollars to prove to them we were not cheating. How can this be a free society where you are innocent until proven guilty with an IRS that says the opposite? The IRS asked me how much shampoo and toothpaste I use in a month and if my husbands father ever buried money in our yard? Where did that come from?