Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Business in Europe

A trip to Antwerp.
A city in Belgium.
Easy to reach with comfortable high speed trains.
In an hour and a half one can travel from Amsterdam to Antwerp.
The train even has WIFI.
And good coffee too.

The reason for the trip was to meet the publisher of the book "Sequences: the ultimate selection".
He and his wife live in a monumental house in the centre of Antwerp.
They also run a fine art photography gallery called "Galerie Baudelaire".
Showing very exclusive works of progressive and avant-garde artist photographers.

The welcome that was offered by the publisher was in the living room.
A bottle of cold champagne was opened to celebrate seeing each other again.
A reunion that was of warmth and friendship because the close relationship exists for over thirty years.
Based on mutual respect, appreciation and admiration.
That resulted in many books published.

Soon after the champagne there was a lunch in a nearby top restaurant.
Excellent food in a beautiful locale served by a stunning waitress from the Ukraine.
And of course a bottle of good French red wine was opened.

Until then no business was discussed.
Just personal stories that were entertaining.
Reporting on the latest developments in the personal life.

Only much later, returned to the house, the necessary aspects of the different enterprises performed together by the publisher and the photographer came up.
Quick, correct, in agreement and efficient.

Yesterday was also a lunch with a long time friend.
She owns and manages a company that organizes big events.
An extraordinary woman of great beauty.
The friendship flourishes for over twenty years.

It was the same pattern although the drinks were mint tea and orange juice.
Long conversations about the private lives.
Telling the most delicate details.
Confiding, trusting and sharing.
Only during the last part of the lunch business was discussed.
Things quickly put on their way.

We all know we live in a world that can be rough, impersonal and unromantic.
Especially in business one can have a hard time.
Because most people doing business have only one thing in mind: how to make the most money.
No matter how.
No matter the other person.

But there are exceptions.
Persons that have an incredible integrity.
Who have other norms and values higher than just making money.
Who have respect and honesty.
Who are islands in a rough sea.
Living on champagne and mint tea.

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