Sunday, July 18, 2010

Home in the heart in the home

There used to be dreams about houses.
Rather desperate dreams.
About not being able to find a home to stay.
About checking out houses to settle in.
And always there was desperateness in those dreams.
A feeling of being unable to really settle and live permanently in one particular house.
Because it was experienced in those dreams that such a house could not be found.

At the time, the Queen of Dreams had interesting things to say about those dreams.
Wise words that stopped the panic and the desperation each night a similar dream had been on show.
They mostly vanished.

But now something remarkable has happened.
There are dreams now that are about houses and for the first time there is a feeling of comfort.
It is not exactly a "home" feeling but more one of contentment, comfort and peace.
Very nice to feel and it makes waking up and realizing the dream a great pleasure.

There is wonderment now why suddenly after many years the dreams have drastically changed.
Maybe for this:
recently in life, there was a big change.
Because of their lustful liaison the Queen of Dreams transformed into the Queen of Screams and the Pioneering Photographer into a Pious Pester.
Therefore, eventually and recently, an end was made to the rough romance.
Suddenly life again was without a shoulder to lean on.
Nobody around to share the shedding and drying of tears and the outbursts of joy and happiness.
The orgasm back to an event like the mosquito landing on the skin after it used to be the trumpeting of a herd of elephants.

But the disengagement returned liberty.
No more whining and complaining and the bed all for oneself.
Now, even the dishes can be washed later.

Obviously, regaining this freedom changed the nature of the dreams.
Living a truly personal life is appreciated by the sub-consciousness that outputs dreams now with a homecoming feeling.

Home is in the heart again.



Anonymous said...

I love houses and I don't care if that means a tent or a corner.. if I set up a space to eat and sleep in that's home. And alone is lonely so maybe a pet turtle? someone to say goodnight to. : )


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i know those...


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