Wednesday, July 28, 2010

the flowing river

In Amsterdam not far from the Central Railway Station, they have built a huge edifice that houses the Public Library.

Outside, the building is not designed in a spectacular way.
The architect has been modest.
But coming inside, every first time visitor is stunned.
Because it is so beautifully designed.
Immediately when the enormous entrance space is entered, a specific feeling takes hold of the visitor.
Of feeling special.
Of being treated well.
These feelings are helped by a man playing the piano.
And by the generosity of the place.
Everywhere tables with iMacs and free Internet.
And thousands and thousands of books.

It is a totally relaxed atmosphere and everybody is peaceful and calm.
There is no security noticeable: no men in uniforms, no security gates.

The concept they used for this public library is to have it multi functional.
In front of the edifice is a terrace where they serve Italian food.
And on the roof is a good self service restaurant and one can eat there sitting outside and overlook Amsterdam.

This special place was the location for a dinner with a special person.
Now that life recently has become one without a special connection, almost by itself opportunities happen to meet new friends.
And this goes in a very simple and natural way.
A friend was met who was with a friend.
During the first conversation obviously a special connection was made and therefore phone numbers were exchanged.
Resulting in a visit and a dinner.

The edifice, so beautiful, reflected on that meeting.
Although not knowing each other at all, within a very short time the most delicate things of the personal life were shared.
And the wonderful thing was that it all happened in an atmosphere of instantly arisen harmony.
In that context the sharing became a step in the process of personal growth.
Of learning, by sharing, to deal with particular things found floating in the river of life.
To see the relativity and the temporality of what are experienced as issues hard to handle.
To become able to float freely again without being blocked.

In Dutch is a wonderful expression:

"Gedeelde smart, is halve smart".

Which means: pain that is shared, halves.
Sharing lovingly the intimacies of life with a special person results in more than halving.
The river flows flawlessly.


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Magnolias said...

Did you know that our office building is right behind the library building? :)