Sunday, July 4, 2010

Finally fray free

There has been a major change taking place in the life and as a consequence the status has switched to single.
This has an important impact although not in a negative way.

One of the positive effects is a rallying around of friends and family.
They are of great support and are very good in suggesting and convincing that the future is bright in spite of it all.
They call up.
They send messages.
They invite.
They care.

And then there is this cat.
In the temporary house in Amsterdam where now lodged, often a big red cat enters.
He comes and sits as if to give support, warmth and affection.
As if he knows this will help to reach in a comfortable way a new stage in life.

In fact, the new life in total freedom is enjoyed very much.
It has become simple and pure.
Focused now on those things that are really important and blissful.
To observe things in life occur in peace and harmony.

The rapids are behind and the floating in the river of life fray-free again.


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