Saturday, July 31, 2010

A Saturday chat


it is a little bit a sad Saturday afternoon
because of the weather

yes a Dutch summer!

exactly !
A good day to edit pictures on the computer !

or to clean the house!

oh my G.
clean the house...
I hate to clean the house

me too. but the real estate gods insist

Ooooh yes, it MUST be clean for the potential buyers
And VERY important
take care the house smells very nice and sweet

what a bloody lot of work it is!

if you had to change the tire of your limousine, I would offer to come and help you, but cleaning the house....

ha ha
i'm going to take a break to read the paper. i can only do so many hours of hard labor at a time :-)

of course ! What do they think ?
But remember to buy aroma
they do the same at places selling cars
they have a special spray can
and make the car smell "new"
with houses it is the same

i have some lemongrass from thailand.
i wish i could buy a flavor of apple pie or baking bread.
think they have that?

a good smell works on the subconscious and make potential victim more soft
ask the real estate agent what smell works best

apple pie works, i've heard

if there is a smell of apple pie you can achieve ANYTHING of a visitor


they move in instantly

and pay any price!

you see !
just for an apple pie !!

we are all suckers!

depends: you know how to bake an apple pie ?

oh no. i'm not a very good baker!

So how did you manage to get married ?????????????

my charm and my excellent career prospects! :-)

in Dutch they have an expression: love passes through the stomic
liefde gaat door de maag
that means that if a woman is a good cook, she receives love from the man

they have a similar one in English. all written by men of course

how is the English expression ?

the way to a man's heart is through his stomach

now that we think of it: what a nonsense !!!
my last girl friend was an excellent cook

very shortsighted of you to give her up :-)

too late now
had a peanut butter sandwich for lunch
like prison food
all the result of shortsightedness

yes, i was just skyping with Tony and telling him that i'm eating horribly now because he's gone and i'm too lazy to cook well for myself

you see how we suffer ?

it's a downright shame!

the other day therefore I went to Sushi King
bought a Kento box
€ 18,50
this is not right, Joanna !

tsjonge jongen. echt goedkoop is het niet!
it is: bento box

From who did you inherit your great sense of humour ?

my rake of a father

what a coincidence
my father was a comedian disguised as an engineer
he was specialized in doing magic tricks that went wrong
now don't say that I am an example of one of his performances

i saw a really charming movie yesterday by Jacques Tati, "The Illusionist". Very sweet

Really ? I saw the 800 meters running for women from Barcelona: the European Championships. It was like watching a show in a nightclub
they are dressed to go go dance these days, Joanna !


excuse my ignorance but what means LMAO ?

ah, it means that i'm laughing my a$$ off :-)

ohhhhhhh: be careful !
you better keep it there

it's true, i need it

if only for sitting comfortably
and go go dance of course

but of course

well, the house ain't getting cleaner

no. but tomorrow's another day. i've gotta run, have a good day!

watch it: the same to you

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HILARIOUS !!!!!!!!!!