Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The anti-libido pill.

A most interesting conversation with a dear lady friend and best gentleman friend.

The issue explained by the lady friend was that women at one point in time have little appetite for sex anymore.
This is when they become pregnant and after they deliver their child.
However, the level of the man’s libido, so needed to make the baby, doesn’t go down after the woman gets pregnant.
The man’s libido continues to look for ways to be satisfied.
Hence, we have a situation of imbalance.

The lady friend continued to explain that as long as men and women live, this situation was and is dealt with in different ways.
Mostly with forms of polygamy.
The man takes a mistress.
Or goes and sees prostitutes.
Or has a harem.
Or migrates from woman to woman.

All the partners in the conversation were aware that this situation exists.
And all agreed it had to do with this damned libido-thing of the men.

But what could be a solution for this unfortunate imbalance between men and women?
Because the current ways of solving the problem are far from ideal.

A wild thought was dropped on the table.
Some decades ago the anti-conception pill came on the market.
The pharmaceutical industry had developed a product that prevented a woman getting pregnant.
Why not could the pharmaceutical industry develop a pill that lowered or even stopped the libido of men?
Once the woman gets pregnant, the man starts taking this pill and looses his sexual appetite completely to be able to focus fully on the needs of the woman and the soon to come child.
Without being distracted by any urge to multiply anymore.

Actually, there are anti-androgen pills that lower the desire to have sex.
In Europe they are used for sex-offenders who want to better their lives.
It is also known that cannabis makes men sexual zombies.

The problem the world population faces is that men are not prepared to rein in their libido at the proper moment.
They enjoy and desire their libido to be free.
They wish to have orgasms, if possible, all their lives.
With their wives.
And if they are not available anymore with someone else.
For free and, if that cannot be achieved, they are prepared to pay.

Most men enjoy that and have no reason at all to start taking pills to dampen their libido.
So maybe the authorities should take action.
Already in some countries the authorities add fluor to the drinking water.
This is for the health of the teeth.
It is also known that in the army soldiers get food mixed with camphor.
Camphor has as a characteristic that it makes men temporarily impotent.

What a world we would have if we could do like the Chinese.
They have a one-child policy.
What if we would decide that men have the right to be promiscuous only a specific time of their lives?
That they can have a sexual relationship only once and until there is a child and then it is finished.
Chemical castration follows and the world will be so more peaceful.

This is an absolute great idea and highly likely that in the future it will become reality.
And that is the good part of it.
That it will happen in the future.
So that soon this photographer can still have a reunion with his Mexican Senorita.



Anonymous said...

May be what you were looking for.

narutoevil said...

Im not an anti pill person, because since my libido was gone low, only help me in activating it again, but its a herbal pill so it is safe.

labido pills said...

WOW impressive......