Saturday, April 26, 2008

Easy going as easy as easy going can be.

These are the last two days in Holland before the caravan moves on to Paris, France.
Rather tough days because most activities are business and that takes a person into a sphere where it is different compared to the Mexican beaches.

This explains why this morning strong feelings of nostalgia and longing rage through the heart.
Or the soul.
Or wherever emotions like to dance their dances.

Nostalgia not specifically for the Mexican beaches and the Gonzales family and the warm weather and the friends and the feeling of the sand under the naked feet.
It is nostalgia for a life style.
Of a life of an easy going as easy as easy going can be.
Waking up before the sun rises and to spread the arms when standing on the beach breathing the fresh air and welcoming another beautiful day.
To do only the things that impulsively comes to mind to do and nothing else.

What a contrast it is to be in Europe and try to make the business of a photographer advance and progress.
All these people who are in a kind of race and excited and hectic and overloaded.
Nervous and full of tension and shameless and impersonal.

Most remarkable is that many things go in a way decided by the presence and threat of violence, fraud and crime.
Complicating procedures and creating an atmosphere of fear and suspicion.

It was not only nostalgia that was raging through the heart.
But also longing.
Fervent and loyal blog readers already realised that this can only concern the beautiful Mexican Senorita who promised by phone recently to make a beautiful breakfast.

How beautiful nostalgia and longing are though.
To miss.
To dream.
To desire.

And there will be plenty of time to drown in these beautiful emotions.
From Holland the Thalys high-speed train will take the nomad to Paris.
From Paris another train and car to La Pellière.
A small village in the west of France to see the fabulous American painter Richard Harper and his family.
Next stage is to go accompanied by Richard with Ryanair to Cadaques in Spain.
The village once home and now a place to see the many friends.
From Spain back to the Netherlands with Transavia Airlines for new meetings.
Followed by a flight with Central Airlines to Poland again to do nothing but scanning negatives day and night for two upcoming new photo-books.

After this tour is finished the journey can be made to the reasons for the current nostalgia and the longing.
Four more weeks of being sentimental.


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