Friday, April 25, 2008

Doomsday / Gloryday

“Doomsday” is a 2008 British science fiction film written and directed by Neil Marshall.

The film takes place in a quasi-post-apocalyptic United Kingdom that quarantined an infected Scotland, which has since been presumed dead.

Rhona Mitra stars as the heroine who leads a team to seek a cure in inhospitable Scotland when the virus begins to belatedly emerge in their preserved homeland of England.

This film is total trash.

There was some time between two appointments and the idea came to go to the movies.
Which film was decided by the time available.
The movie turned out to be “Doomsday”.

The film is abhorable in many ways.

The script is very predictable and without any surprises.
The situations and the characters are clichés.
And all this is drenched in extreme violence and cruelty of the worst kind.
In this film is not one tender moment between people.

The film is highly inspired by the “Mad Max”-films, if not a copy of them.

People who go this movie are entertained by seeing only negativity, horror, blood, torture and death.
A man is cooked alive and eaten in a most realistic way.
A woman is tortured as if it was the Gestapo back in business.
Heads are chopped off as if it really happened.

Even the end of the film is not happy.
The heroine, originally having good intentions, makes herself the leader of the cannibals.

It is shocking to learn that this is one of the examples of the current movie industry.
That money is available to finance this kind of trash.
The film was costing 21 million € (34 million $).
And it is shocking that people actually go and see this kind of movies.
Fortunately, in 2 months time the film has grossed not more than 14 million $ (9 million €).

Maybe living in Mexico in an expedition vehicle and being involved in a project like “The most beautiful people in the world” results in loosing touch with what is really going on in society.
That what is astonishing in fact has become common and the norm.

Of course it was considered to leave the movie theatre halfway the film.
After the third head was chopped off.
In detail and in slow motion with spraying blood everywhere.
Why have that kind of garbage enter the eyes and the ears?

But something kept the moviegoer in his seat.
Glued and fascinated.

Responsible for this was the heroine of the film.
An actress called Rhona Mitra.

A 31-year-old woman with an Indian father and an Irish mother.
This woman has, to put it mildly, stage presence.

For this film Rhona Mitra worked out and trained in fighting for eleven weeks.
And that can be seen.
An athletic body accentuated by her tight clothes.
With impressing muscle toning on arms and shoulders.

But most of all it is very striking how she is in the movie “Doomsday”.
Rhona Mitra has the power to reach the moviegoer in spite of the film.
As an impressive personality.
A special human being.

Best would be to have somebody edit the film “Doomsday”.
To put together in one long sequence only the scenes where Rhona Mitra can be seen.
That edited film will be titled “Gloryday”.


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