Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Juggling in the momentum.

An artist photographer is not more than a woman or a man with a camera.
Pictures are made from the own initiative without being asked.

This results in a group of images or a body of work.
Most artist-photographers next look for ways to present their work to an audience.

This works best as somehow a momentum is coming into existence.

Momentums are very strange phenomenons.
They are uncontrollable.
They cannot be forced to happen.
While needed to obtain success and possibly income, it is always a matter of waiting if it will happen or not.

Of course, somehow some influence can be exercised to invite momentum to happen.
It can come by the choice of subject.
It can come by being really up to date with the Zeitgeist.
It can come by having an excellent network of persons in the business.
It can come by having very original and high quality work.

In a career spanning over 38 years many momentums have been experienced.
But the one currently happening, around the project “The most beautiful people in the world”, is of dimensions and of an impact never witnessed before.

The project “The most beautiful people in the world” has success worldwide.
It triggers interest in most countries and find ways to the audiences easily.
Besides, it makes many other things happen.
Invitations for exhibitions.
Invitations for workshops and lectures.
Invitations for interviews.

This multifaceted and worldwide momentum puts the artist-photographer at the centre of a tremendous whirlwind gaining in strength and volume every day.
Important in such a situation is to remain with both feet firmly on the ground.
To have the things happen without getting lost in the complex facets of the momentum.
Easily it could carry a person away to end in confusion and in megalomania.

Being in a major momentum feels like being a juggler.
Who tries to keep many objects in the air.
Who tries not to have them fall on the floor.
While more and more objects are added.
A nerve wrecking activity.

Of course it is wonderful to have worldwide success.
But the own life needs to remain centred also.
This is why several activities that came as a consequence of the momentum have been delegated to others.
Like the whole marketing and distribution of the images.
This is hardly a concern of the artist-photographer anymore and now in the hands of a very able and efficient manager.

Hence, there is time now to visit the last remaining Polish Aunt in a home for the elderly in Tarnow, Poland and the cemetery there to put flowers and candles on the family grave.


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