Monday, April 21, 2008

Watch Brandon Bay

Sometimes strange messages are received.
Like this one:

Hi M,

We know each other from Den Bosch and I was assisting you when you met M.N...remember?!

I write you because I thought of you during one of the most astonishing experiences in my life.

After I read 'The healing journey' by Brandon Bays I decided to experience 'the Journey' myself. That wasn't enough for me so last weekend I did the 'Healing Journey Intensive' seminar weekend in Utrecht Holland.

While I meditated together with 200 other people and 150 Journey practitioners and miss Bays herself you came into my thoughts:'This is something for M.S.K.!'

Listening to that innervoice I decided to tell M.N. about it.
She was surprised and gave me this blog address. 'Give my greetings too.' she said.

M. I want you to know that 'the healing Journey' can be the key for what your looking for! If you're looking for something.
It's simple and it's full of Love!

After experiencing three Journey's I feel so much relief! The heavy energy that blocked my creativity, my trust, and my gratitude for life is out of my body and mind... It opened my creativity, trust and gratitude for the life that I live!

I have no idea why you came into my mind. I just follow what comes on my path. I truly feel like a messenger. The rest is up to you.

If you're interested you can start by reading the book: 'The healing Journey' by Brandon Bays. If you feel drawn to it, just open up to what comes! You will recognize signs...

Greeting from L.K. and M.N.

A puzzling message.
Who are these L.K. and M.N. ?

After some deep thinking and visiting a dusty and dark cave of the memory it became clear who these persons are.
L.K. is Linda Kastanja.
And M.N. is, of all persons, ex-wife Mayumi Nakazaki.

In Spring 1993 it was very busy with the work and Linda Kastanja was the assistant.
A beautiful girl from Indonesian descent and one of the best assistants ever.
In those days Mayumi Nakazaki came to live in the big house in Amsterdam.
Initially as a tenant.
Soon the situation arose that both Mayumi Nakazaki as well as Linda Kastanja were in love with the innocent photographer.
But he was not that innocent.
He was in love as well.
And this strangely enough with both girls.
He found them both attractive and desirable.

Eventually the choice was made to go for the Japanese Mayumi Nakazaki.
And this resulted eventually even in a marriage.
But it could have been the other way around.

Fortunately, Linda Kastanja continued to work as an assistant and also to be a friend.
She even became good friends with Mayumi Nakazaki and this, as the message recently received shows , is still a continuing friendship.

Linda Kastanja’s message is a beautiful message.
Imagine, after 15 years a woman in meditation with 200 others has to think of this photographer.
And she still has feelings for him.
And concerns.
Linda Kastanja imagines that the globetrotter is looking for something in life and that she found the key that will help him to find it !

Obviously Linda Kastanja, now in her mid thirties, is still searching in her life.
And found Brandon Bays.
That might work for her.
But she must realise that Brandon Bays and her organisation is first of all focused on exploiting commercially people in need of answers to the questions they have about life.

Linda Kastanja would make much more progress in life and save herself a lot of money by meditating and act upon this fundamental truth:

There are no answers.
There are only choices.


To learn more about Brandon Bay, click on:


Anonymous said...

There he is, the same old M. After all these years, still the same...

You didn't notice that I prefer to stay anonymous and respect also M.N. name?! It's all ride, maybe it's your enthusiasm.

I know that there are answers. The answers are hidden behind blocked emotions. For me there are no choices, I see chances.

The two days seminar of Brandon Bays costs around 475 Euro. I felt drawn to this Journey Intensive weekend but I had only 50 Euro to spend. She/they welcomed me with open arms and treated me like anyone else there and I only payed 50 Euro.

'The healing Journey' team does a lot of giving and loving work around the world with a lot of integrity. Otherwise I would never have stepped into it. Brandon is a very loving and giving person too and I just recognize the things she said as true.

About our work together... I really had a great time with the three of us in 1993.
For me it's a memory about beautiful springtime friendship. Having diner with a lot of fun! Very curious about photography and so vulnerable too. I never had the courage to really go for it. I was too afraid that I wasn't good enough for that beautiful work. This is the first time you gave me a compliment about my assistance work back then. Thank you for that!

Your interpretation about that period surprises me. It's interesting how people have different memories about a period in life that they've shared. It says something about what they are focussed on.

Enjoy Life! Groet, L.K.

Anonymous said...

My Friend,
This is like my daily dose of a soap opera (the TV serials). As soon as I saw the initials, even I knew that it was going to be your ex. Now for the next episode, in light of earlier activity and choices, you should now have a relationship with L.K.!