Monday, April 14, 2008

Food with sex

Sunday is a perfect day for a family outing.
So, it was decided to drive from the town of Nowy Sacz to the famous city of Cracow.
A trip taking almost two hours but this is because in Poland roads are small and highways have not been invented yet.

Entering the streets of Cracow a modest sign was noticed on a normal looking house:
It said:
“Non stop exotic massage”

Once seated in the bright and warm sunshine behind a glass of Polish Tyskie beer on the beautiful main square of Cracow, cousin Jerzyk, who is considered an expert in these matters, was asked what exactly means “non stop exotic massage”.
It was suggested to cousin Jerzyk that it probably means that the massage is done with the juice of pineapples, mangoes, papayas and bananas.
However, cousin Jerzyk, who is not exactly born yesterday, immediately saw the irony in the naïve remark and countered by saying that a lady from Africa performs an exotic massage.
But what then about the non-stop aspect of the treatment.
Was it a massage starting but never ending?
Another salt less demonstration of cheap humour because even most fervent and loyal blog readers understand that non-stop in this case means that during 24 hours a day and night an African lady is on duty to perform her exotic tricks.

The day developed beautifully with a visit to the Wawel Castle where once Polish Kings were living.
It is beautifully restored and what an experience it is to walk where once the centre of Europe was based and its destiny decided.
Besides, the castle garden was at its most beautiful because of the magnolia trees having their flowers this time of year.

At the end of the wonderful afternoon cousin Jerzyk was leading his wife, his 17-year-old daughter and the international son of his uncle to a restaurant in Cracow for a dinner.
To ultimate surprise this restaurant was a “Roosters”-restaurant.

Probably and hopefully not many fervent and loyal blog readers know what is a “Roosters”-restaurant.
It is an American franchise chain operating worldwide.
A “Roosters”-restaurant is a large space in a centre of a city.
It has a bar and a kitchen and tables and chairs and a menu and one can eat and drink there.
The trick is the waitresses.
They are hardly dressed.

All of them wear a tight and too short T-shirt and red hot pants.

This reveals most of how the girls look and they show quite some nudity.

Obviously only real beautiful girls are selected to work in “Roosters” and they get the time to work out in the fitness centre and to get a deep tan in the solarium.

What is truly remarkable are two things.

The Polish “Roosters” in Cracow, Poland, is a family restaurant.
Not a place where only horny men go eating out as an alibi to satisfy other desires.
Families with children of different ages go to “Roosters” and seem not to be shocked or distracted or annoyed or excited by the fact that beautiful scarcely dressed sexy girls serve the food.

The second remarkable thing is that the girls working in this restaurant are totally acting normally and naturally.
They do not give any hint of shyness or embarrassment.
In fact they work as if nothing is the matter.
And the clientele of the restaurant acts in the same way.
For example, taking our order and serving us, this beautiful Polish girl was standing right next to the table.

She could be seen at close range from halfway her upper legs all the way to her head.
The red hot pants were tight.
Lightly accentuating her pubic bone and vulvar lips.
She had a well-trained belly showing discipline in eating and exercising and her belly button was decorated with a glistening silver star.
She was a totally convincing woman when it comes to being attractive.
But what it made so special was her naturalness.
Standing very close next to unknown people in this physical revealing way without any hesitation or reservation made her more desirable and inspirational than an oasis after 40 days in the desert.

But what is the daydreaming about when she probably has at home this guy servicing her hopefully adequately and offering her a steady future?
And why be dizzied by glistening stars in belly buttons while a wonderful and desiring senorita is waiting in Mexico?

In the end “Roosters” was a self-confrontational experience.
Of great value.
It brought some considerations.

One is that in fact “Roosters” was not enjoyed at all.
It is personally too disturbing.
Of course sexuality and sensuality is highly appreciated.
But it is felt as being degraded when used to attract customers to a restaurant.

Second consideration is the exploitation of women by “Roosters”.
Obviously women don’t work in “Roosters” because they like so much to serve food in tight red hot pants, solarium tanned, fitness centre sculptured and wearing tight T-shirts revealing the shapes of the breasts above the dining table.
It is probably only because it is a well-paid job.

Thirdly, from grounds of equality, strong objection is felt by the fact that only women work in “Roosters”.
Why are there not waiters dressed in red hot pants revealing the shapes of penises and tight T-shirts showing well-developed chests and muscles?
Are only heterosexual men eating in “Roosters” we may ask?

When leaving the restaurant a sincere Indian bow was made to the girl who had been serving our table.

And the dark, narrow, dangerous and busy road taken back to the family home.


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mandira said...

Maybe non-stop implies that the massage does not stop at a certain moment and continues till ALL the muscles are relaxed?