Sunday, April 20, 2008

Life positive

It cannot be remembered anymore how many times there have been interviews about the project “The most beautiful people in the world” over the last four years.
But there have been a lot.

Last week a request came from a magazine called “Life Positive”.

A very interesting publication.
It writes about itself:
“A body - mind - spirit magazine promoting a holistic understanding of the unity of life and self with an emphasis on personal growth.
The magazine Life Positive covers the beat of spiritual wisdom helping seekers attain enlightenment through meditation techniques and the path shown by many gurus”.

After it was agreed to give an interview a long list of questions was sent:

* a few lines about your project.
* what are the 10 countries you chose, and why?
* from which country did you come to India; was it the last country? any reason for that?
* what are your impressions of India: its geography, life and its people.
* India is a huge country. how did you choose Bombay and why?
* how do you compare India with other countries?
* do you think Indians are happy; how do they come across?
if you feel they are happy, how do you explain it?
Can happiness exist in horrific poverty?
* what do you think of the Indian people you have met. (please be honest and critical too).
* do you think people all over the world are similar?
* what are the usual answers to the question -- do you think you are the most beautiful person in the world?
* did Indians have different answers; do the poor in different countries think alike and do the rich also think alike?
* do you think India is a spiritual country; much more than other countries.
* if you do, what makes you feel that?
* any exciting encounters during your travels especially in India?
* what do you see as the problems in India which prevent it from progressing. Comparisons are always made between India and China.
* do you think corruption and poverty go hand in hand. how is corruption in China and in the other poor countries you have visited? how does India rate?
* how does an assignment like this change you as a person? do you feel more fortunate or more lousy and terrible? how do you handle the great diversities and inequities in the human race so visibly expressed in countries like India.
* do you believe in God?; are you religious or spiritual. What is your understanding of a higher power if it exists at all for you.
* how do you de-stress; does all this get you thinking about the deeper and more profound realisations of life. are you into yoga, meditation, training, running, sport..anything?
* how do you manage to live like a nomad. don’t you ever want some permanence or some base or family or woman or emotion or home or something familiar you can call your own? is being a nomad a spiritual call?
* we know that you took cow urine tablets. Did it help, are you continuing with it? What do you think of the idea or the concept?
* what was your experience of the Hare Krishna temple and your stay there.

Where to begin to answer a series of questions like this ?
Truly answering them all at length would result in a book.
And there is the matter of time.
In these days of many activities, how much time can be devoted to interviews?

Another issue is that visiting the 10 countries and documenting the persons believing they are the most beautiful is ready now.
That is a done job.
Obviously there is no desire at all to remain in the context of this project.
Life moves on and a new project is being developed.
There is not much appeal anymore to talk over and over again about the most beautiful people.

However, interviews are part of the job.
One cannot make a project and once it is presented to the audience disappear out of sight.
It needs to be accompanied and the momentum boosted.

What has been cooked of this particular interview can soon be seen on the website of the magazine “Life Positive”.


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