Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Distance can't empty the heart

In the course of the years every body deteriorates.
That includes the nerves in the teeth.

This is why yesterday Doctora Rosy Peña of Angel's Touch Dental Clinic in San José del Cabo, Baja California, Mexico had to give a root canal treatment.
A serious dental surgery but Doctora Rosy Peña is an expert endodontist.

A root canal treatment takes almost two hours and that time is not the happiest in life.
The anesthesia works effectively but nevertheless the root canal procedure is long and very unpleasant.

While undergoing the treatment, shortly after the beginning a presence of another person was felt in the dental theatre.
Soon it was realized who that person was.
Without seeing the person because being almost horizontal in the dental chair the view was the ceiling.
It was strongly felt therefore who that person was.
It was the Queen of Dreams.
In a miraculous way she was there.
Very close to the side of the suffering patient.

A miracle because the Queen of Dreams is currently on another continent.
Nevertheless, she was very much next to the one who has her so deeply in the heart.
And the Queen of Dreams was supporting.

It changed the dental treatment into something else.
Instead of suffering from the dentist'a activities, the dental treatment became a gate to enter where it is full with the love of the Queen of Dreams.

It was an extraordinary and unique experience.
To be closely together with somebody who is not there.
To feel someone's love when it is not expected but needed nevertheless.
To be in someone's arms and hugged and supported: while that someone is far, far away.
Because distance is unable to empty the heart.


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