Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The healer the lover

In only a few days the inner intolerable turbulence, created because of traveling during two months in Europe and because of the many events that took place there and because of the specific life style, has subsided.
And this is a good thing.
The lower chakra, located south of the belly bottom, felt like it was one big black hole.
In which all energy was sucked up to disappear into nothingness.
Leaving the traveler disconnected from the self.
Victim of strong emotions of an undesired kind.
Upset, disturbed, out of balance and control and prey to feelings among the most important one was missing a particular someone in a devastating way.

In these matters of damaged chakras the Queen of Dreams is an expert as well.
She recommended:

"It is important to accept to relax.
To return to yourself.
To calm the energy in your chakra.
This you can do through meditation, breathing from your belly and to be in silence.
Next, you will feel to be one again.
You will be united with yourself.
To be your own centre of peace again."

For the last few days these recommendations were faithfully followed.
The trust and belief in the Queen of Dreams is total.
The usual activities were therefore not performed.
No long walks along the Sea of Cortez.
No daily running, yoga and other exhausting exercises.
But most of the time was spent simply sitting in a chair next to the Fuso Szulc reading a book or musing and dozing.
Without any urge to go away from the Fuso Szulc, not even for a walk, as if staying close to the expedition vehicle was restoring the link to what is closest to home.
And this in sync with bonding with the core of the self.

Now, thanks to the recommended method, there is inner peace again.
And balance and harmony.
The nervous system has calmed down completely and the heartbeat returned to sixty beats per minute.

The perfect situation to feel in a pure and delightful way the love that has come in the life.
To deeply enjoy this privileged feeling.
To experience joyfully the bliss and ultimate happiness it gives.

The Queen of Dreams is in the life somehow every day.
And each moment of unification is a celebration.
An arrival at an oasis.
A figurative homecoming where it is warm and safe.

The lower chakra glows and shines again.

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