Friday, February 19, 2010

A sharp left, a sharp right

Sometimes life goes in a certain direction.
And then suddenly there is a sharp left or a sharp right.
By surprise and unexpected the course changes.

At that moment a lot depends on the own flexibility.
For being able to joyfully continue in life.
To trust life that the new direction is the best way.

Currently a sharp turn in life is experienced.
In fact a dramatic change of course with a high emotional and practical impact.

Undoubtedly there will be grief and sadness.
And this will be accepted and experienced as deeply as it should.

But it is in the nature not to look back.
Or even to look at the broken glass currently covering the floor of life.
That is.
Naturally the eyes and the mind and the heart are focused towards what is to come.
Looking forwards to what opportunities are laying ahead.

And through the tears one can see brightness and happiness.
Available to enter life again.


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