Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Osama Bin Laden is a constant embarassement

A dinner with four American friends.
Eating a rich salad.

A quiet and interesting conversation and although the subject is politics, the excitement is not reaching volcanic levels.
This is because all diners agree.

Starting point is that all present at this dinner in Mexico agree that George W. Bush has not only been disastrous for the United States, but for the entire world also.

Next stage in the conversation is that it is realized that Barack Obama has made many promises but that he is unable to fulfill them.
But that he still gets support from the US diners in Mexico because there is no alternative.
If Obama would be classified as an inadequate politician who is not delivering, what else is there to have hope for?
It is said therefore by the American friends that Obama has had until now only one year to change things and will have three more years to try to move Washington rocks and boulders.
So, let's wait and see.
What else to do?

But then during the conversation over this dinner something really peculiar was said.
One of the Americans present claimed that Osama Bin Laden is not captured on purpose.
All the others agreed with this theory and speculation.
The train of thoughts goes that of course it is piece of cake for the CIA and the Seals and the US Army to find and arrest Osama Bin Laden.
How could the most sophisticated army and Intelligence Service in the world not find an old man hiding in a cave?
Logically therefore, the thinking goes, that he is not found on purpose.
That the US politicians calmly wait for the right moment.
So that they can enjoy maximum political benefit from an Osama Bin Laden arrest.

One person present said that he had been convinced that Osama Bin Laden would have been captured during the last elections between McCain and Obama.
For the Republicans to get advantage in the electoral race.
And that he was very surprised it didn't happen.

But all agree, to capture Osama Bin Laden is a piece of cake for the USA: they simply calmly wait for the right moment.

Not one present thinks only for a second that maybe their army, their CIA and their Intelligence Services are unable to catch Osama Bin Laden.
The fact that it also could be because of failure of the Americans, is not an option in the thinking.
Failure of the best in the world, as many Americans perceive themselves, is unimaginable.

Therefore, Osama Bin Laden laughing in his cave, is a constant embarrassment for the Gringo's.
In order not to feel a failure, the theory is used that de facto Osama Bin Laden is already in the hands of the Americans who only wait the right moment to formalize it.

But nevertheless, in spite of escapism, the mood is depressed.
Because everybody expresses awareness that the USA is finished.
As a dominant nation.
And why?
For economical reasons and for having always been aggressive and violent.
The diners are expecting a new economical crises: more serious and devastating than the current one.
Caused by China pulling the economical plug leaving the USA in deep poverty for many years to come.

Ah well, at least that night the salad was super delicious.



Anonymous said...

Hog Wash Must have been a five skunk pisssing contest.

Dawn Pier said...

There ARE alternatives to letting Obama take the country further and further into economic dysfunction. A vote of non-confidence is one, but will never happen because he is the first Black American president (don't get me started on whether he should be referred to as an "African American"). A second option is for the people to continue to peacefully protest this administration's economic policies, forcing it to change course. A third means is to encourage nation-wide protest through refusing to pay federal taxes, which are unconstitutional anyway. There are more...some of which involve violence, so I prefer not to give them voice here.

So, yes, there are other options.