Friday, February 26, 2010

Why Osama Bin Laden is still a free man

Most fervent and loyal blog readers will remember a recent posting reporting on a dinner with four American friends.
Who explained why Osama Bin Laden can still live in freedom.

Osama Bin Laden

One of the American friends have now send an e-mail because of the publication of the posting.
She writes:
"I enjoyed reading your piece about our discussion.
I also wanted to add that keeping Osama Bin laden "at large" so to speak, is a way to keep fear in the american people, which is used to justify military " anti terror " intervention.
As long as he is a threat, military force will be supported by the citizens because of the fear he will orchestrate another attack".

This is quite a point the American friend is making.
It is the theory that the American people live in fear for no good reasons simply to control and manipulate them.
For the U.S.-Government and the groups they defend the interests of to obtain the public permission to have a military and aggressive imperialistic policy worldwide.

Without doubt the majority of the American people feel threatened by terrorists, whoever they may be.
A fear instilled by a merciless propaganda.
The truth is that no American living peacefully in the United States has any reason to have fear for terrorism.
For crime and violence from compatriots yes, but from terrorists absolutely not.

However, there is no denying that many people in the world hate the United States.
And that they have in their minds bad intentions.
But this is not caused by the American people.
Responsible are the American politicians.
And the key issue is the Palestinian-Israelian conflict.

Take the World Health Organization.
They published on January 20, 2010 a "Gaza Health Fact Sheet".

Gaza is sealed off and blockaded by Israel trapping hundreds of thousands of Palestinian people who live in most miserable circumstances.
As the World Health Organization explains:
"Recent events have resulted in a
severe deterioration of the already precarious living conditions of the people in Gaza and have further eroded a weakened health system".
"The closure of Gaza since mid-2007 and the last Israeli military strike between 27 December and 18 January 2009 have led to on-going deterioration in the social, economic and environmental determinants of health.
Rising unemployment (41.5 percent of Gaza’s workforce in the first quarter of 2009) and poverty (in May 2008, 70 percent of the families were living on an income of less than one dollar a day per person 3) is likely to have long term adverse effects on the physical and mental health of the population".

Meanwhile, yesterday, US Republican Eric Cantor, House Representative, was saying in the public discussion with Barack Obama:
"We have the best health care system in the world".

Eric Cantor

Denying the fact that Palestinians have to live in absolute misery and this for decades refusing to reign in Israel for its devastating policies.
To the contrary, American politicians defend Israel all the way.
No matter what it does.
Therefore, The United States are accomplices in devastating and ruining and murdering thousands and thousands of Arab people.

How is a person to feel who has brothers and sisters living in Gaza?
And what is that person supposed to do?

The Gaza Health Fact Sheet of the World Health Organization can be found at:


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Anonymous said...

"Couldn't agree w/ you more. I wish more people out there understood that there ARE Americans who oppose our govt.'s unilateral support of Israel and support the plight of the Palestinian people. I gotta goo now ... I think there's a terrorist hiding under my bed!!"

Tony, Temecula, USA